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This afternoon there is a competition between the Netherlands and Belgium.
It can be followed here:

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It starts in three hours at 13:30 local time…
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So far Naomie Visser looks really good on bars and beam. Elze Geurts looking good on floor.
Eythora does a double layout on floor though so far only with a spotter.
Looks like Sanne Wevers will only do beam but she does have some upgrades it seems
Just started to watch but the overwhelming question to me is: Why is the beam directly in front of the vault? Maybe it’s because I’m not a gymnast but that is scary to me. An out of control landing seems like a disaster waiting to happen.
editing to add: They don’t have a lot of power in their vaulting so extremely unlikely
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Here’s Eythora’s AA

Attempts a layout Mount on beam. Per the layout rule I don’t think this would get credit, right?

Opens with a DLO on floor. Not even close. Killed her ankles and had to stop. Hopefully she’s ok. She gave a little nod to her coach after, so hopefully just a stinger.

This looks to be Nina’s new bars:

I’m not a huge fan of these full pirouettes right before the dismount when the gymnast is tired as hell. It’s just asking for a 0.3 late turn and a scrappier dismount. I always think of Beth and hers in Beijing EF costing her the gold.
her ro-bhs technique looks a little better compared to how it was in the past. I wonder if the break w/covid had anything to do with that - sometimes time away helps with forgetting bad habits, or at least making them easier to correct in my experience.

Thank goodness she’s ok!
I think Eythora would be better off with her triple twist mount that Dlo doesn’t look like it will be ready anytime soon.
I’ve been thinking the triple full should maybe be an F. Is that a crazy thought? Very few gymnasts compete it nowadays it seems, relative to full-ins.
Triple full is hard to land without takin a step back. Plus three twists is going to occur with crossed legs.
Right away crossed legs and step back are built in deductions.
Even with younger gymnasts, though. Is there a single person on the US team competing a triple full on floor? Oh Al Fong’s girls. But besides them?
For the life of me I can’t decide whether it’s fine, because she’s always had a full pirouette just before the dismount and done it comfortably and consistently, or this is a massive risk and she’s asking to be Beijing Tweddle mark 2 because she’s always been a releaser not a pirouetter. Veering wildly between the two at present.
Yeah, the gymnasts who lose their triple full as they age are LEGION. Including of course our 2012 Olympic floor champion.
Off topic, but at the time I remember thinking Ponor should’ve been closer to Raisman. I enjoyed her routine more. Was there even ever a consensus regarding where Ponor had a downgrade: the Gomez or the DP 1/1 + back puck?
I didn’t think she got credit for either. It would have been close if she had managed to get them credit. But, of course, it’s shoulda woulda coulda. Neither deserved credit.

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