Oleg Verniaiev's Situation (Suspension continues, will miss Olympics)

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This deserves its own thread. Oleg Verniaiev has been provisionally suspended since December. No one knows why. Let’s keep track of updates.

I’m really curious what the reason is but don’t want to speculate since the FIG has not released details.
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I don’t have anything confirmed to add, but I’m still shocked this hasn’t been confirmed by one side or the other — even though it’s being appealed. He was provisionally suspended almost six months ago.
Anything we’ve read on the internet is pure speculation. I originally assumed it was because of a drug test because that’s usually why athletes get provisional suspensions. But this is dragging on for so long which makes me curious what’s going on. Well, only time will tell.
It is not uncommon to not give an indication for what the offense was, especially if there is an investigation. Legally FIG cannot state the cause until they have made a decision based on allegations and evidence.
It could take up to a full year or longer. An Egyptian female gymnast just got banned for 3 years due to failed doping at the 2019 African championships. So approximately two years for that decision.
Waiting for the Ukrainian MAG team announcement…

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This is from Oleg’s Instagram…

Auto-translation so there are probably errors.


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Isn’t this the same drug that Sharapova got caught with?

Doctors in Russia and Eastern Europe used to prescribe this to all athletes to “help with breathing” before WADA put it on the ban list a few years ago.

Then Sharapova said she was taking it “because of a magnesium deficiency and family history of diabetes” (ie bullshit)
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Does anyone know how suspensions’ durations are chosen? I’m confused by how Verniaiev got a four year suspension for an out of competition test, while Sabina Ashirbayeva got a 10 month suspension for multiple in-competition positive results.
Vernaiev’s only got a 2 year suspension now not 4, following his appeal. That was August 2020 to August 2022 so he’s now unsuspended.

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