NCAA Week 4 Schedule

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Here’s the schedule for this week. Several are not listed with times yet. Here is the website:

They post links as they find them. Share any links/times/info you have for this week as well. It should be a fun weekend with lots of great meets.

The Google Calendar I made of men’s meets has the links - that I could find.
Click on the event to see the link.

What I have so far

Nebraska @ Michigan and Illinois @ Penn State will be on BTN +

Temple and UIC @ NY Alliance will be on the Temple FB Page.

Army @ Springfield will be streamed on Springfield YouTube

Iowa @ Mn on MN FB page

Stanford Open

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I was at the Stanford Open.

Blake Sun has a 6.5 PB routine scored a 15.7

I believe this may be the highest NCAA score this season. That Stanford PB rotation is like the China of the NCAA.

Stanford has a mighty team. I’m not sure the equal of it has been seen in the NCAA - even the Oklahoma teams with Legendre, Dalton, Naddour…back in the day when Oklahoma could basically make an entire rotation just of National Team members.
That is what Stanford actually called the team on the rosters. They had Stanford University Men’s Team and Team USA.
Watched a little bit of several meets.

Navy put up another high score! They are definitely a team to contend with this year.

4 teams in the 400s this weekend as well. And with falls for several of them (5 if you count both of Stanford’s teams)

Penn St/Illinois went down to the wire and then some. Illinois wins by .7. Really…clerical errors like this cannot happen.

Good gymnastics though! It has been a fun weekend.
Navy may max the final six at the NCAA finals.

Kip Simons is making a difference.

There was also a clerical error at the Army/Springfield meet - it was like 2 points - although it didn’t change the results.

Stanford had a lot of mistakes - and they still got 410.

I wonder if they could get close to 420 with all their team members active and hitting everything. I haven’t really done the math to see if that’s possible, though.

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