2024 MAG NCAA Week 1

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The one team on that list that doesn't have a whole bunch of freshman is Penn State.
I don't think Michigan will be too bothered by this during the season seeing as they have Paul Juda and Fred Richard.

Both Greenville and Simpson have a lot of new people, and some of them look to be pretty good.

Going through these rosters I'm struck by just how hard it is to get a spot on any team. Even Dlll has a lot of people that did well at the state level and/or were National qualifiers.
Penn State has 4 freshman I think. It looks like they only have a roster of 17, so that is about right.

It is getting harder and harder for sure.
Penn State is returning almost all of their routines.

Mini documentary on the founding of Simpson Men's Gymnastics.

Final results Army @ Penn State
PSU 393.8 Army 370.45

Army @ Penn State.jpg
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Well, that was a fun start to the season. Excited for West Point and Windy City next weekend!
Will be fun to see Simpson and Greenville battle for Nationals against Springfield, Army, and William and Mary.

Greenville's score beat Army's score (granted first meet and different judges).
First week summary


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