Mikhail Voronin Cup

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The Voronin Cup will be held in Moscow on 7th December. It is an international invitational, it will be interesting to see just how international. I will try to go and watch.
Melnikova has confirmed her participation, so unlike most years, it is looking like the top Russians will compete. It is usually some lower tier gymnasts, some Moscow gymnasts and sometimes a top junior.
The womens results was

1st Angelina Melnikova 57.265
2nd Viktoria Listunova 56.33
3rd Vladislava Urazova 55.366
4th Alyona Glotova 54.698
5th Diana Kustova 54.232
6th Yana Vorona 53.065
7th Yelena Gerasimova 51.565

There was international representation from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Mongolia and Serbia. China originally scheduled to send gymnasts but had to cancel due to their covid restrictions. I believe there was a cash prize awarded to the top overseas AA place
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Unrelated to gymnastics but the Dutch footballer Quincy Promes who plays for Spartak was there with his 2 daughters who got some VIP meet and greet thing with Angelina Melnikova. Promes is basically hiding out in Russia and is wanted in the Netherlands on charges of attempted murder. He is due to stand trial early next year but there is no extradition agreement
The top scores seem…unlikely. Also, why would they be in peak form for the winter? It isn’t like there are big competitions they are scheduled to go to…
Curios were you able to watch? Was Melnikova in would have beaten Andrade form as the scores suggests?
Melnikova 9.1 (8.7), 8.2, 8.1, 7.5

Does she look slightly taller?

Not sure her D scores but she was late on her inbar 1/1 and opted for a Maloney after. I’d credit full beam difficulty. On floor, I’d credit her opening combo a double turn + single turn B+A no CV. The switch ring 1/2 is borderline but I’d give credit for ring shape.

Would credit Memmel, but followed by a half illusion for no CV.

Screen Shot 2022-12-08 at 5.22.16 PM

(8.8), 8.7 (she was the best uneven bars worker in the world this year), missed BB mount so didn’t score. The switch 1/2 is new, huh? Good addition. Missed her mount on floor and didn’t score.

9.2 (7.8), BB 7.7 no credit for free walkover + split jump because of the delayed knee bend. I will miss the Onodi. FX 7.6. She hops mid Gomez so I’d credit double turn + double turn for .1 CV. The double L turn is really borderline after but I don’t think I’d credit it – the subsequent double turn would be a repeated element per my eval
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Looked like the line judge ignored both of Urasova’s steps out of bounds in her floor routine.
Right, so there’s that to add to the questionable oob thread
The 1st OOB she seemed about ready to raise the flag and then changed her mind.
The 2nd OOB was glaring though. Unless there was more than one line judge.

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