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A month or so ago I got covid (better now) and to cheer myself up I decided to indulge in a guilty pleasure and rewatch MIOBI.

The wide beams, mid-air skill changes, routines, ridiculous plots and endless overhearing secret scenes are all still laughable. However I was impressed at how well the show dealt with Kaylie’s eating disorder. It was very sensitive (for MIOBI!) and multiple perspectives were shown. I also appreciated the pacing of Payson’s story. The bible-bashing of Summer is always going to get on my nerves but the way they wrote out Emily was well done given the circumstances and I found the episode after Emily leaves genuinely moving. Many of the adult relationships also came across better than I remembered. I’ve just finished season three, it will be interesting to see how the sexual abuse plot in season four has aged.

Please don’t lose all respect for me! I am fully aware of the many, many faults of MIOBI 😆

I wish I’d written more of these down as I went, but here are some assorted observations:
  • I had forgotten that MIOBI covered the twisties
  • Worlds format was 22 teams on each of two days of qualifying, top four each day make TF! Have we ever had 44 countries field full teams? Cumulatively?
  • Learning an Amanar in less than a week after six weeks off will always be hilarious.
  • I still get bored during most of the Emily-Damon scenes.
  • The gymternet of this universe would be incredible. The US head coach gets suspended or changed so many times!
  • It’s a real shame that Birmingham WC made the gym TV/film trope of spotlighted competition come true. On the other hand, I remember how unrealistic the US going to so many internationals felt in 2010 so it’s nice to see some change in the right direction.
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excellent. Even without covid you can not have enough guilty pleasures.

Taking a work break watching the first episode.

I do hope you are fully recvoered.
Thanks. All recovered now but my husband tested positive again this morning (he gave it to me last time so has also had it recently). Very fast reinfection. We had plans for today’s bank holiday and I’ve just had to send a bunch of cancellation/move online emails to cover the week ahead so we’re both pretty grumpy. MIOBI will be on the menu today!
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I realized this weekend that I gave away my MIOBI DVD set of season 1.
It’s going for $2.22 used on Ebay if anyone is interested.
What region is the DVD? I’ve looked once or twice and could only find region one which is a shame for most of the world (or a blessing depending on your view 😉). Region-locked media is so annoying and archaic.
Region one then. Some DVD players can be fiddled with to make them region-free but I don’t think our current one can. Hope it sells.

Region 1: U.S., U.S. Territories, Canada, and Bermuda
Region 2: Japan, Europe, South Africa, Egypt and the Middle East
Region 3: Southeast Asia, East Asia including Hong Kong
Region 4: Australia, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, Central America, South America and the Caribbean
Region 5: Eastern Europe, Baltic States, Russia, Central and South Asia, Indian subcontinent, Africa, North Korea and Mongolia
Region 6: China
My teen gymnast daughter and I just watched it this winter. She LOVED it and was rolling on the floor laughing at the gymnastics and drama of that show. I had forgotten how amazingly awful that show was!
Hope you and your husband recover quickly. Covid stinks!
I’ve never heard what someone in the target demographic thinks before! Glad she enjoyed it.

Thanks. Incredibly my husband got it again this week, a very quick and unlucky reinfection. 5th isolation period it is for us 😔

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