Do you think the Olympics will happen?

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I’m interested in what others think. I think it’s a bad idea given the current state of things, and it’s hard for me to imagine them pulling it off safely, but I’m inclined to think that Japan will try to hold them at all costs.

I’m looking at my trials tickets, though, and thinking they can’t possibly have that event with full spectators, so wondering what will happen. I wonder if they will limit it to family and groups from local gyms or something of the sort.
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It seems pretty clear that the organisers intend to attempt it. So I think unless there’s some new catastrophic lurch, which seems less likely since the northern hemisphere is about to hit spring and summer, they’ll be held in some capacity. Not saying it’s a good idea, but it’s going that way.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see any Olympics include some or all of: significant restrictions on spectators, possibly none at all inside, some countries not able to come at all because of vaccination issues, some athletes having to withdraw because of positive tests, no opening and/or closing ceremony. It probably won’t look like what we think of as an Olympics.
Good question. I think it will, but I don’t know when ('22 Winter Olys will be here before too long, too, at least as the schedule goes). No crowds of rank and file fans. Maybe paper cutouts (this is goofy and creepy to me. What do you all think? Maybe that’s it’s own thread).

Masking for sure will be attempted, at least on sidelines and all that. I’ve seen maybe 6 gymnasts actually mask for a routine in the NCAA. Not gonna guess what the number will be in Tokyo. If Morgan Hurd can do it…

I do think regardless, Tokyo will be political and corrupt because of COVID-19.

But, I think it should go on. All this idleness we’re being forced into isn’t too good for health either. Especially mental health.

As for who’s going to win anything, who knows. As mentioned, COVID-19 absences. As well, this has to be impacting the physique and health of gymnasts ll over. So, if it happens, it might be a demolition derby.
no opening and/or closing ceremony.
I could see them doing the ceremonies as a pre-taped production instead of live. They could spread out the performances / speeches on different days for filming so there’s a much smaller amount of people in the stadium at a time. Then just air it all on a broadcast. They could air the lighting of the cauldron live at the end and you’d only need the torch runners + film crews present.

They could make sure the Olympic Village has TVs/computers set up so the athletes could watch from their rooms/areas they’re allowed in. They could even have them all live on giant zoom screens in the stadium wearing their ceremony gear. Finally gymnasts could take part!

Or really, if they do no spectators, if the athletes did enter the stadium they should be able to spread them out fairly well between having some sit in the stands and having some on the field. Or you could divide it up and have only athletes that compete in the first week go to the opening ceremonies and athletes that compete in the second week go to the closing. The Olympic stadium has a capacity for 68,000 spectators and there’s only about 11,000 athletes total, they could be kept pretty far apart.

I think the Games will happen.
Yeah they have used a similar model at some outside football matches in Europe, only a certain number allowed in. And some games with no spectators at all. They use a stadium noise recording, which is odd to get used to.
Yes… I think they will happen in some form or another… not sure what that will be though.
I agree. Other sporting events have taken place even during the worst of the pandemic. If professional sports and NCAA sports can happen, no reason the Olympics can’t happen with modifications.
My main concern is - what if there’s an outbreak in the athletes village during the meet.

Imagine if Simone tests positive 7 days before QF, such that she couldn’t compete QF but could compete TF only.

There would be huge asterisks over every single event. Of epic proportions. Way more than Sydney.
They are already making modifications to the athletes village and will be having alternate housing. For example there are venues that are 5-10 miles away from the athletes village, so alternate lodging might be used.
My guess is that they will have to quarantine for 10 days (or whatever the WHO suggests) in Tokyo. So basically right after Olympic Trials the team will need to head to Tokyo.

I have also heard that once you are done with competition that you have to leave immediately after. So USA could win team gold and the next day any teammates not qualified to AA or EF would be on a plane back to the US.
Certainly… but what else is there? It’s either that or not have the Games at all. I completely respect the right of any athlete, coach or official to prefer the latter and opt out on that basis, but for those choosing to participate, they’re surely going to be fully aware of the possibility going in. I think all you can do is set out the two imperfect and unattractive choices, and make sure it’s informed consent.
@ArnoldRimmer of course. I’m not saying “don’t have the Games”. But I get the feeling that this Olympics, like many others before, for varying reasons, will have an asterisk next to it. It’s not going to be a “normal” Games. The medal winners are not going to be the best 3 teams/athletes. Of course, it often isn’t the case anyway.
I agree with having the asterisks but if everyone goes in knowing the deal, well, is it any worse than '80 or '84?
It depends exactly who has to isolate. In WAG, four of the six golds are foregone conclusions, meaning as long as it isn’t the US and then Simone affected, there’s not going to be a sensible argument that any other team or individual having to sit it out has made any difference at all. It won’t be a millstone, it will be at best a mild irritation as you’re expected to pretend in interviews that you really think Team China or whoever having missed TFs made the slightest difference to your gold medal. Obviously if it is the US or later Simone, we’re in another LA/Sydney situation in terms of legitimacy.

Although to be honest, if Simone were stuck in isolation during the AA, whoever wins in her absence is likely to find it a rather lucrative millstone. Putting myself in a hypothetical Retton 2021 shoes, I don’t find it too upsetting a scenario!

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