American Cup...THE END? (What about World AA cup?)

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We know that the 2021 American Cup was cancelled due to it not counting toward World Cup AA qualifying and also COVID. However, we weren’t sure if it would return for 2022.

It is not on the USAG calendar (updated Nov 4)

Also the World AA cup is not on the FIG calendar for 2022.

So it appears there is no plan for the American Cup to return. It seems it is a done deal and the event is now defunct.
I am curious as to why no AA World Cup, the Apparatus Cups and Challenger Cups are scheduled for 2022. Did the FIG do away with World AA cup since it won’t qualify +1 to the Olympics?

I am disappointed that there is no American Cup as it had such a tradition and I recall it fondly from my youth as the start of the gymnastics season. I am glad that the Winter Cup is still in place but it would have been nice if the Winter Cup was the qualifier for the American Cup for the USAG WAG and MAG.

Since Winter Cup is here to stay, I would love to see them change it up a bit. There is already American Classic and US Classic as qualifiers to Nationals. I would like the Winter Cup to take a different format. Perhaps a team competition, similar to an intra-squad. There can be some prestige too…perhaps the winning team gets sent to Jesolo the next month (that is back on USAG calendar) or if not, the Jesolo team is selected from the results of the event.

I can see why ridding themselves of the American Cup will help USAG financially, but I am sad to see it go.

Any thoughts?
That’s a shame. I know that the judging wasn’t the greatest at the American Cup, but it was one of the few competitions with international competitors in the U.S. I really enjoyed going in 2009.
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For all the other faults, it’s a competition that certainly had a history. We saw some excellent and memorable work there over the years.
I hope a successor competition comes up that’s less expensive. There’s no point in having podiums. Just save it for nationals. Spectator interest in gymnastics outside the Olympics declined and the American Cup never adapted.
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Someone ought to compile the most egregious Scam judging over the years.
I think that was mostly 80s and early 90s really. The majority of them were properly judged. Americans generally always showed up well prepared and in good competition shape so of course they did well. With the meet being in late February or early March the international athletes were not in competition shape and as we saw until it became a World Cup event, the event was skipped entirely due to how early in the season it was.
The technical regulations (which were updated in August 2021) still state that there will be 3-4 competitions in March/April 2022 classified as “All Around World Cups” and there will be 3-4 competitions in January-March 2022 classified as “Apparatus World Cups”.

You’d think they’d have updated the regulations if they had been cancelled altogether?

I also didn’t know that E Panel judges are “in general” not permitted to watch Podium Training “from the field of play”. Only the D and App Supervisors.

I guess they can still watch from the stands.
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