2023 World Championships & Pan American Games Team Trials (USA)

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Going back to the gymnastics day issue, are there any Jewish elites that made Nationals and could have been selected for camp? The timing of this means they were having to travel or be at camp (if the 18th is a training day) on Yom Kippur.

Eta: I don’t know what I was thinking, as it’s currently Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur isn’t until next week and I know this because I’m currently getting ready for second day Rosh Hashanah services… still not ideal timing, but more space and less significant than Yom Kippur would have been
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As much as I love Lincoln, I don’t see it happening. Though I think she will go to Pan Ams most likely.

I think the team will end up being
Biles, Jones, Blakely, Wong, Chiles, Carey with the alternate being one of the last three.

Same team as last year but with Biles instead of Zeiss.
me too. She is just edging too much backwards towards her old inconsistency. 4 out of 5 will be Biles, Jones, Blakely, Wong. Then i am not sure . . . . .
I think it comes down to whether those 4 hit UB/BB both days and who adds more on top on VT/FX. I think if the top 4 hit UB/BB then there might be a VT/FX face off on day 2 between Lincoln, Roberson, Chiles and Carey. I don’t think they’ll make Lincoln or Roberson do bars on day 2, but they may have Carey and Chiles do them. If beam has issues from any of Wong, Biles, Jones or Blakely, I think they’ll all do beam, just to showcase the ability to step up in case.
Who or what do you prefer?
Just anything less predictable. Like Rich said this will basically be the same team as last year plus Biles. Doing basically the same things they all did last year, plus Biles doing the same things she did all last quad. They will win the same medals everyone already knows they will win (that most of the team has already won before.)

It’s like watching reruns.
honestly I don’t think that’s entirely fair to Biles. She’ll be doing the YDP, the new front 1/1 stepout + Silivas, her beam is smarter with the new mount sans sideways split jumps, and she was forced to rework her bar routine because of the Tkachev entries. She’s doing different sets on every apparatus
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Just anything less predictable.

It’s like watching reruns.
Unfortunately that seems to be the majority for most of the World Teams, Canada has a shake up and China as well, but GBR is the same team from last year minus Jenn and add Ruby. Brazil is the same plus Barbosa. Italy is the same minus Maggio. Germany the same minus Seitz and add Schafer, Netherlands will be nearly identical. Korea is exactly the same.

For other countries, the teams would also be identical or close to it had their not been serious injuries to athletes that have kept them out of the games.

The US might be predictable to you, but half the women’s teams are in a similar boat.
GB may be trying something quite different on vault, at least. Amanars dont seem worth it in this code, but we don’t yet have a real world example of a team stacking the difficulty.

It’s true though, with the Olympic qualification format we have, a lot of the excitement at the final worlds of the quad is inevitably around what the bubble teams do. And a three year quad means there’s a real squeeze on the time and opportunity to experiment.
but half the women’s teams are in a similar boat.
Are they all winning the same medals too?

Brazil, Germany, Netherlands, and Korea may be the same teams, but we have no idea who, if any, of them are going to qualify their team to the Olympics, let alone who will make finals or win medals at these Worlds. No one ever knows how China will do no matter what team they send.

Whereas we all already know exactly what Team USA is going to do here. They’ll win TF, Biles will win AA, VT, FX, she’ll win or medal on BB, and the rest of the team will pepper in with silvers and bronzes on the events they’ve all already won medals on at Worlds/Olympics before. The only thing that could be different is if Blakely doesn’t fall in the BB final again, but even then you’re just replacing a Biles medal with a Blakely medal (or stacking them.)

When I said I’m the least interested in this American team, it’s because normally I would be all over the camp coverage and who makes the team. I paid for the coverage last year and planned on getting it again this year but when thinking about it I realized I just don’t… really care? about who makes this team. If Roberson pulled an upset and finished 2nd or something that would be interesting, or everyone falls on FX and Lincoln gets the highest score by a point and makes the team, but both of those things are unlikely enough that it’s not worth watching the competition to see the same people doing the same things making another World team.
It’s an interesting one.

There’s not a lot of point in Ruby without one, even in the context of the 5th spot being near enough chosen by default. And being already qualified gives them a great opportunity to see what happens.

Otoh, this is a great opportunity to try for another silver. Maybe GB haven’t yet won enough medals or sufficiently established themselves as a top team to feel able to take many risks.

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