2016 Rio Olympics Women’s FULL Qualification Results

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Does anyone know where I can find the full AA Qualification results from the Rio Olympics? ( WAG) I’ve tried searching everywhere. I’ve googled it, checked Wikipedia, and the official results on the Rio website but no luck. I keep finding the top 24 qualifiers and the reserves but not the complete list past 24th. Thanks in advance!
We even had the full judges book somewhere. With individual judges scores.

I asked FIG to provide the judges books for worlds and they said they aren’t released to the public “in compliance with the implementation of FIG Rules.”

When I asked about the lack of transparency, and why the Olympic results ARE made public, I get “For the Olympic Games, result books depend from ORIS”.

Hopefully we will get the full judges book for Tokyo. But the lack of transparency is suss as hell. Full judges scores should be released as a matter of transparency and public confidence. If you’re honoured with a judging role at the World Championships you should stand by your scores.
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there are the full results and more

Absolutely true regarding transparency issues. I’m can’t believe they don’t release the judges scores. Why hide anything?
I wouldn’t even mind anonymous scores. “Judge 1”, “judge 2”, etc.

Even if the FIG didn’t want to release the names of the individual judges, the least they can do is show us if/when the judges scores diverged, when and why any R judges scores were triggered, and information regarding ARTISTRY (which is completely obscured when only the aggregate E Score is released).

To be told “no” because of “FIG Rules” is total fucking bollocks. Does anyone on the board work at the FIG?
I recall vaguely that a fair amount of corruption was exposed by the Rio judges’ book. Wasn’t there some Central Asian (Kazakh, maybe?) judge who way overscored the Russians?
I was hoping that at least Spencer would be pushing for the release of the Tokyo book. I’m kinda disappointed that he isn’t.

It’s crickets from the FIG on this. Really really disappointing.

I wonder if there are any other channels that we can ask this question. Given all of Gymcastic’s faux outrage over non-issues - surely transparency over the scores given by judges at the Olympics is one of the top issues we should be pressing for?


6.9 to 8.2.

Makes me feel less bad when we are a couple tenths apart!

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