What's going on with the Voineas?

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Camelia apparently is looking for a new country. Rumor has it she and Sabina didn’t sign the contract the Rom Fed offered. Anyone know what happened?
If I recall rightly the Romanian Federation wanted her to move to the central training location and not be trained by her mum anymore. They refused and said they’d find another country. The Sports Minister for Romania has stepped in and said he’ll sort it out but as far as I know, he hasn’t yet.
I had no idea who she was. For other’s who don’t.

"The daughter of 1988 Olympian Camelia Voinea, Sabrina Voinea was born into a gymnastics family. Despite her 2007 birth year, Sabrina’s highlight reels are already legendary. Sabrina is known to have trained some of the most difficult moves in the sport. Few gymnasts have ever took on so much difficulty at such a young age. Given her status as a high-ranking junior prospect, Sabrina is currently Romania’s best hope for restoring the reputation of a legendary program currently in crisis.

It remains to be seen how much success Sabrina will have in major competition, but she has already established herself as a gymnast worth remembering due to her ambitions routine construction, her furthering a family legacy, and being Romania’s next hope for a return to its former glory."

I can’t say I was that impressed with her. Just seems another case of a young gymnast throwing big skills without the proper form or technique.
She’s 14? We’ve seen plenty gymnasts of that age perform these skills (usually with better form and technique). Rarely do they ever make it to be top level senior performers.
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Some of that stuff she’s been training for a while.

From what I’ve read via translation, her mom doesn’t want to give up coaching her are and they are willing to leave Romania over it.

I will probably get a lot of hate for this…but, why do you need to sign a contract to compete for your country?

Now because the contract was not what they wanted so they are seeking out another country to compete for?

Doesn’t Sabrina have American citizenship and she and Mom decided to compete for Romania as it would be easier to make their national team?

Hope they make the right decision, FIG is changing the rules completely in terms of being able to switch countries.
I’ve read elsewhere this isn’t actually a switch, ie she’s not represented anywhere yet. If so, and if she obtained a 3rd citizenship, presumably she’d just be treated in the same way as any other citizen of Country X by the FIG.
Yes. But once she decides which country to compete for, she won’t be able to switch back to Romania or US without a lengthy process.
I can kind of see why they want Camelia to not coach Sabina. We’ve been saying for years that she pushed too many big tricks. But it’s also hard to split up a mother/daughter pair.

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