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This vault is just absolutely the best thing I’ve seen! Simone could redeem the Olympics.

Ignore the arrow and look at the height.

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Will she keep her same bar routine? I wonder if Laurent will try to get her a UB medal. It’s the only Olympic medal she doesn’t have.
Do you really see Simone getting a medal in UB? I do not think it is worth putting in the training for and/or upgrades for something that will not happen.
I mean, she did in 2018. And was what…like a .1 away in 2019?

Though, that said, I agree that it’s highly unlikely they’ve been training with a focus on bars or an intent to contend there.
That’s true. I forgot about Doha. But . . . .still . . . . .agreed with your agreement. Highly unlikely at best .
If it is true that this will be her last Olympiad, I hope Simone goes out with a gush of glory and victory !

José M.
I think Biles has a legit shot at a bars medal. If she could make that one connection out of the Pak, she’d probably be a top contender, actually.
She was 2nd in 2018 and 5th n 2019. I think UB bronze is wide open but Fan Yilin making her 2nd Olympics might likely change that. I don’t think anyone predicted that Sophie Scheder would win bronze in 2016.
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@JaJa definitely not “highly unlikely”. She was a stuck dismount from bronze in Stuttgart, and she won silver in Doha.

Her Pak is good. I’d be surprised if they weren’t at least trying the connection for the extra 2 tenths AND losing the kip cast.

The problem is that the rest of the world has spent 2 years upgrading THEIR bars. If Simone has the same set then she will be left behind.

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