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Is the Olympic Channel slowly going through its archives and releasing old Olympic footage? This was just posted an hour ago.

If so - i’m loving it!!
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I forgot how easy it was to repeat the same elements over and over in that Code. A 2.5 as a mount and a dismount (just putting a punch step out in front of one of them) was an easy way to build bonus.

And one gymnast did 3 front layouts and a front full!
I started compiling a grid on Google Docs. I have Romania beam and Ukraine on Floor and vault.

Maybe I can get one that can be editable so when they are found we can update it.
I forgot how easy it was to repeat the same elements over and over in that Code. A 2.5 as a mount and a dismount (just putting a punch step out in front of one of them) was an easy way to build bonus.
It was also a way around the rules which changed during each phase of the competition.
Optionals, All Around, and Event Finals had different composition requirements for bonification.
IIRC you needed an additional D skill in the AA and 2 D skills in EF. So you could technically start from a 10 in optionals, drop to a 9.9 in all around, and 9.8 in event finals if you kept the same routine throughout. Which is why we saw so much difficulty, because then routines started from 10.0 the who phases of competition.
OMG Severino did a 1.5 wolf jump (double?). How 2023 of her

I really liked her and Elvira Teza. If they just had double backs they might have been right up there.

what was up with Ludivine’s score? I mean I get a couple of mistakes but if she had a different leo on that’s a 9.75+
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In optionals most gymnasts have 10.00 SV. You only needed 3As, 3Bs, and 3Cs for the base score of 9.40 provided you have all your special requirements. After that it is 0.3 in bonus and 0.3 in extra Ds/Es. She probably made 10.00 SV even with a possible loss of the skill; she may have had enough difficulty left over. The SV is calculated to the benefit of the gymnast back then.

I can not tell you more as I only have 2G wireless (by choice to stop me from wasting time streaming.) But the code is available at gymnastics results.

If someone listed her routine in chronological order I could determine her SV. She scored 9.650 according to gymn-forum.
I know she was wearing the wrong leotard, but even in 96 I really doubt that was 0.2. Especially not for someone who was actually a bit of a name in the sport by then.
I am not home at the moment but I’ll do Furnon’s floor as soon as I can.

I am guessing it was a start value issue because Furnon went 9.750 in the all around finals, and she would have needed to count a D so it’s 99.9% that a skill did not receive bonus, either in combination or no credit in optionals, since as @Love_Joy pointed out you needed only 3A, 3 B, 3C in optionals, whereas in all around it was 1A, 2B, 2C, 1D.

Double Layout (E) +.2 {fulfills 1 salto series}

Front full (D) +.1 / Front pike (B) +.1 (D+B direct) {fulfills 2 salto series)

Switch leap (B)+ Straddle Pike Jump from two legs (B) + Straddle Pike Jump from two legs (B) {fulfills gym series of 3 elements -minimum B}

Full In tuck (D) .1

Tuck leap/wolf (A) + roundoff (A)+ straddle Pike ½ (B) to prone {fulfils mixed series of 3 or more elements}

Front full (D) +.1/ Front Pike (B) +.1 (D+B direct) {repeated combination not eligible for bonification}

2 A

6 B (1 B substitute for 1 A)

0 C

4 D (3 D substitute for 3 C)

1 E


Double Layout .2

Front full .1

D+B direct .1

Full In .1

Front Full .1

D+B direct (repeated no bonus)

.5 bonus

9.9 start value

She intended to have the second tumbling line go front full (D) front layout (C) to get.1 for the front full and .2 for the direct D+C, instead she had to pike (puck) the front layout.

I think this is correct, but it has been a while.
I think it was due to the two fwd acrobatic lines.

Depending on what the STC called the shape of the second salto in the first combination. If it was called a tuck then she would have a SV of 9,90. If it was called a pike then she would get nothing for the last line as it would be considered identical and she would have started at 9,80.

At the WC in Puerto Rico she performed the first combination a fwd stretch 360° + forward stretch ( DC for 0,20) and the last as a fwd stretch 360° + forward tuck( DA for 0,10) for a 10,0 SV.

That COP was strange - the fwd stretch with 360° was the same value as the Mukhina - D.
  1. If you used a D or E element as C or lower element, it was not eligible for bonus.
  2. D + B and D + A direct acro were both worth 0.2 CV.
  3. The Shushunova 1/2 was a C element, so she would only need two additional C elements from her Ds and Es.
  4. Of the 0.6 in bonus needed for a 10.0 SV, 0.3 was needed from DV and 0.3 was needed from CV.
Based on her 9.650 score, I also believe that a 9.9 SV makes the most sense and that they credited the first combination pass as a tuck and the second as a pike. There’s multiple ways they could have shuffled the D and E elements to use as Cs and still ended up with a 9.9 SV, but here is one of the methods.

Substitute C Elements

double layout, second full twisting front layout

DV Bonus

full twisting front layout, D - 0.1
tucked full-in, D - 0.1

Total DV Bonus - 0.2

CV Bonus

full twisting front layout + front tuck, D + A, 0.2 CV
full twisting front layout + front pike, ‘C’ + B, 0.1 CV

Total CV Bonus - 0.3

9.4 + 0.2 + 0.3 = 9.9 SV
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That COP was strange - the fwd stretch with 360° was the same value as the Mukhina - D.
They did need to incentivise forward tumbling, there was so little in Barcelona that wasn’t some variation of round off bhs back salto. Even bhs passes with forwards landings like the double arabian or 2.5 were fairly thin on the ground. So it makes a degree of sense in that context, but the front full saturation had gone more than far enough by Atlanta.
Ludvine Furnon 1996 Olympics FX 1B

RO (A)-ff (A)-double layout (E);
front handspring (A)- front layout full (D)- tucked front (A);
switch leap (B)- straddle jump (B) - straddle jump (B);
RO- (NV)-FF (NV)- tucked full-in (D);
tucked leap wolfe (A)- RO (NV)-shushunova 1/2 (C);
front handspring (A)- front full (D)- piked front (A);

Special requirements:
  1. Two tumling passes with three different saltos. Pass has atleast 3 elements with one being a salto: Yes
  2. Mixed series (G/A/G or A/G/A): Yes
  3. Three gym series, minimum one B: Yes
  4. Dismount at last B: Yes
Value Parts for Base Score of 9.40:

A: tucked leap wolfe
B: switch leap
B: straddle jump
B: Straddle jump *
C: 1/2 twisting shushunova
C: front layout full (substitution)*


Connection Bonus (0.3 max)

front layout full (D)- pike front (A) (D+A/B, 0.2)
front layout full (D)- tucked front (A) (D+A/B, 0.2)

Extra D’s/Es (0.3 Max)

Double layout (E, 0.2)
Tucked full-in (D, 0.1)

SV: 10.00 pts
  • Gymnasts could repeat one gym and one acro element for difficulty if done in a different connection. Remember- benefit to the gymnast. For example, look at the front fulls in Strug’s 1b FX and Moceanu’s III FX.
If she is wearing a different leo from her teammates that is a 0.1 pt neutral deduction for not having identical leos in 1A or 1B.

Please note I cannot view the video due to low bandwidth on my end 😦 You can make the call. I am using the above descriptions as best I can.
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