NCAA Week 10

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great lineup this weekend. only a couple of more regular season meets before we get into the post season. I love this time of year!

I went to Stanford @ California

They had a separate rotation of exhibition routines - therefore they did not use the “head to head” format.

The only time I saw Can and Stanford use the new format was I think the first meet.

I’ve been going to Cal v Stanford meets for over a decade, and I have never seen them have a third “exhibition” group. It wasn’t just Stanford national team guys. There were Cal guys with them. It’s a good way to get guys who don’t make the lineup some time in front of judges and/or try out new skills with no risk to the team score.
And to avoid the “dual” format rules!

I wonder if other teams will start to do that as well. Especially without the 6 up 5 count at the beginning for that experience.

Watched 2 meets this weekend.

Springfield/Penn St.

I am not sure that the dual format is actually making the meets that much shorter. They both seemed to be around 2 1/2 hours long. Tried to watch the AF/Army/Nebraska meet but that was tough.
And to avoid the “dual” format rules!
That would be my guess.

The dual format does not make the meet shorter.

It’s less confusing for spectators, that’s it.

As far as the season, it’s clear that Stanford has Nationals in the bag, but the spots behind that are going to be a dogfight.

I could even (and I HATE this) see OU off the podium.
They did hope with the dual format to make it shorter. That is why they did 5 up 5 count all year, and got rid of one-touch. And to make it fun to watch.

Yes. Stanford is untouchable barring an unprecedented meltdown. Michigan and Nebraska look solid to be up there for 2nd. OU as well. Should be a fun meet.
In my opinion, it is cheating. No other teams are competing their guys in a separate exhibition group for experience. Call it an Open and you are not breaking the rules.
Next year, every team will do this and this dual format is gone.
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Is there some rule against it?
There have always been exhibition routines.

The coaches may think it’s dangerous not to have the two minute touch. If they have this much objection to it I hope there is discussion of getting rid of the head to head.

I wouldn’t go so far as to call it cheating, and with the two teams concerned it will make zero difference in the results. It may be lowering Stanford’s overall score, considering they put Ian Gunther in the exhibition part, and he got a high score on one of the events (can’t remember which).

However, there it shouldn’t be the case that teams are competing with two formats depending on where they are.
Exbibition routines, yes. Exhibition rotations, not really.

I agree that it is not safe to not have the 2 minute touch. Especially since, in the dual format, it takes 3-4 minutes to transition from one event to another. VERY easy to do the two minute touch AND keep the head to head format.
Is there some rule against it?
There have always been exhibition routines.
Exhibition routines, yes. Exhibition rotations, not really.
It’s not cheating, necessarily, but it is bending the rules to fit their agenda. With so many NT guys on their team and are unable to compete more than 5 guys in competition and 2 in exhibition, they have to compete them somehow. He found a way. I asked an athlete if this was cheating. He said, technically no. If you call it an Open, then it’s “within the rules”. I feel that’s debatable. Not everyone gets to compete. So now, he gets to put up guys, who didn’t make lineup, to give them experience, just because, they might be on NT. It’s not right. How is that fair to the other teams who can’t “rehearse” their guys?

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