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So excited for NCAAs this weekend. Well, and sad since it will be the end of the NCAA season.

Anyone going?

I know that 1st is pretty much set, but 2nd-3rd and on could be interesting. Can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.
So Stanford looks to be the favorite by far.
Michigan is the rest of the best as of the qualifier with Nebraska, Illinois, Ohio State, and Oklahoma also making finals.

I doubt Stanford can get caught at this point, they have room for mistakes and can still easily win. 13.435 is a huge margin.
I went.

That was one awesome gymnastics meet.

Of course, Stanford won.

The battle between Michigan and Oklahoma was really exciting.

Michigan probably has some opinions on some of the later scores given to Oklahoma.

As someone who is a fan of the Oklahoma Sooners I of course thought it was fine.
By the numbers

Wow so Stanford had the 4th best execution but won the meet due to sheer dominance in difficulty.
So I missed the broadcast because I don’t have a log in for the Sooners page.

I watched some clips.

Who were the commentators. It sounded like Tim Daggett was one, but the other was talking more. Was it Jon Horton?

Talk Gymnastics With Us!

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