Changes you’d like to see in the 2025-2028 Code

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  • All Wolf Turns down one letter.
  • Randi on FX to F and Back 3.5 to G
  • Silivas down to G
  • Allow short turns by a 1/4 if followed by a B turn that makes up the quarter (so 1.75 L to 2.25 Turn would get D+1 credit). I’m pretty sure they do this anyway.
  • Downgrade L Hop 1/1 to B
  • Scrap the “downgrade to single front” rule for a Prod vault.
  • Harsher execution deductions in the pre-flight and “extension before landing” on vault (actually taken, not just listed!)
Doug baby maybe let’s wait for 2024 for this?
Ha they’ll have released it already by then! We need pre-emptive action.

I’m not sensing any bars changes. Is that because we … love the UB Code??

I think some of the harder dismounts can be raised one letter. DLO 1/1. Double Double (both tuck and layout).

I also want to make all geingers laid out. a pike version is ugly, dumpy, and should be downgraded or more deducted.

But overall - I think the WTC desperately needs to devalue the wolf turns. It’s every fucking routine and I have only seen one recent choreography that worked into and out of it (Esposito on fx at cotbus did this well).
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I’m not sensing any bars changes. Is that because we … love the UB Code??
Personally bars was the least interesting event for me at worlds. Routines are very samey these days and even the Liverpool EF wasn’t particularly memorable. I don’t know the code well enough to come up with a solution though.
And limit individuality more? Johnson’s was fabulous
Was hers “piked”?

I’m talking about a Shang Chunsong between the bars Geinger. Either downgrade it or smash it with precision for failure to swing through the vertical. I don’t like these sideways Geingers. But then again, Chunsong had a “sideways” reputation to uphold.

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I think we’ve collectively given up on bars. Although, I will say, 6 elements also works there well I feel.
Eliminate the perfectly stuck tumbling passes. Gymnasts should be able to lung out of passes as long as they are controlled. The FIG wants artistry on floor exercise and keeps pushing for that, however, having gymnasts stick passes with both feet sort of negates the flow of a routine.

I would also love to go back to the 93-96 CoP when the gymnasts had to do a series of 3 elements. I would like this to comeback BUT A and B skills only. If a gymnast does 3 elements connected they get .3 bonus

Also eliminate the two directly connected leaps, it is a disruption to the routine and 97% of gymnasts look janky doing them as there is minimal choreography in between and their run after the first leap to generate power or the second leap is mostly awkward.
Screen Shot 2023-03-04 at 1.23.01 PM

For what it’s worth, I believe judges are hammering most Giengers between the bar. Up to .3 for height, .1 for counter-rotation, .1 for bent arms catch, .1 for failure to swing through vertical, and then whatever muscling happens on the KCH
I would worry we’d end up with a lot of practically identical routines with six elements. Full turn, release, Pak-Shap, dismount to fulfil the composition requirements then you only need one more element.

Beam definitely has routines with too many elements, but it’s unclear how much reward they are actually getting at the moment. Maybe review the connection and series bonuses.

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