What forum members attended Nationals/will attend trials?

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My friend recommended Owamni for anyone interested in trying Indigenous Native food. https://owamni.com/

I’ve had dinner at Owamni and it was very good. Definitely make reservations if you want to go.

Pic below:
Smoked Lake Superior Trout, Bean Dip, and Blue Corn Tostadas, Three Sisters/Bean Fritters, Roasted Sweet Potatoes in Chili, Duck Sausage, Native Corn Taco with Bison, and a Maple Chaga Cake with Berries

This is a few miles outside of downtown Minneapolis, but any croissant lover needs to go to Black Walnut Bakery. Their pastries can go against the best I’ve had anywhere including Paris.


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Oh goodness! Were Abomb and Heff there with Chalky? Haven’t seen old school GGMB regulars in person since 2003 Worlds Anaheim.
I did not see Abomb or Heff. The last time I noticed Abomb at a meet was 2013 worlds. At Nationals I saw who I thought was chalky wearing a light blue blouse. I noticed a group at the bar viewing area that all looked familiar from like 2005-2007 nationals when I met some of the GGMB people. I did not keep up with the group after meeting them as my husband was turned off by some of the guys not being able to keep their hands to themselves and the overall crassness of the conversations being had.
For people going to trials, how are the lodging costs in Minneapolis? It's hard for me to justify attending most domestic competitions. I can tolerate high prices. But many host cities have high lodging, food or transportation costs. Minneapolis seems cheaper to visit though.
It wasn't bad....but some hotels may jack up the price during Trials.
Even WWGym went down after almost every other gym board went defunct. Only TAAF existed, but that closed shortly before or after Gymnaverse opened up.
Yeah, WWGym was down temporarily and underwent a rebranding, but even if it didn't, it still outlived every other gym board.

I think if we make it to 2026 it will be 20 years? Which is pretty extraordinary for any online community. Go us

And the fact that a good chunk of us have been part of the community for that long. I came upon WWGym in 2007.

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