Week 6 Schedule

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Here is the schedule for this week. How to watch is in the document linked.

Michigan/Ohio State is on BigTen+

Haven’t officially seen how to watch the others.

That Illinois/Oklahoma meet was really good for most of it! And the Ohio State/Michigan meet!! 😲
I was unable to watch the B1G meets.

Interesting results - wasn’t expecting Ohio State to beat Michigan.

And how many people ever expected to see this? Not updated to today but you get the picture.


Last year at this time Oklahoma was breaking 410 by a lot.
I was able to watch most of both. Illinois really looked good until Pbars. They were within a point before then (I think heading into pbars it was actually a 0.150 lead for OU.

Michigan struggled pretty much the whole meet. I did not count falls, but there were a lot. And OSU did not have any until High bar (or at least that is what the announcer said)

I wish they would spread them out a bit so we weren’t trying to watch 2 at a time! I like to try to watch live so I don’t know the result before I watch!
I was at Cal Stanford.

Honestly Stanford is not going to be beaten this season.

They got 415 points. With multiple falls on PB, which is probably their strongest event.

Curran Phillips has a 6.8 D score on PB. He fell on it and still scored 14.7

They had so many guys doing exhibitions it was a whole separate rotation of Stanford exhibition guys - and some of those routines were pretty good.

You could use the Virtius system in the arena for live scoring by scanning a QR code.

It was awesome.
yeah. Everyone is out for 2nd at this point, unless Stanford implodes somehow, which will not happen. They just have too much talent and experience.

Love that virtius streamed this. I keep hoping they will do more streaming of the teams that do not have network coverage, instead of FB/IG live.

Very cool that they had the QR code and scoring!!

Talk Gymnastics With Us!

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