USAG partnering with Spieth

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Artistic Men and Women ELITE programs will switch to using equipment from Spieth America, all premier elite competitions will use Spieth starting with Winter Cup next month. Camps will also be held on Spieth equipment going forward.

AAI will be kept on as a partner to use for JO, Xcel, and Gymnastics for All.

Rhythmic/Tramp&Tumbling/Acro/Parkour will switch to Spieth for everything at all levels.
Isn’t Spieth typically used for Worlds and Olympics? Although Gymnova was used in Liverpool, but Spieth is going to be used in Anthwerp this year.

If so, make sense to use the same brand as they would be competing on at Worlds and Olympics.
I believe they’ve always trained on the manufacturer’s equipment prior to worlds and Olympics.

Gymnova was used for London and Rio I’m sure. Tokyo I can’t recall.

Spieth is “hard”
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I think Paris will be Gymnova as it is a French brand and they have a partnership with the federation
Haha. Ask Continental how that’s working out for them! Main supplier in GB, hasn’t been used for a major competition in about a decade now
Well, I would have written my contract that would let me swap out for competition brand for anything a month or two before one of the two major competitions (Worlds/Olympics). But if Spieth is the “hardest” maybe it is easier to adjust to the other brands from them instead of to them.
The Paris World Cup uses Gymnova, and apparently they also did 2015 Euros, so they are probably most likely option for 2024.

2012 was Gymnova. According to the FIG site 2016 was a mixture of Gymnova and Spieth and 2020 a mixture of Senoh and Spieth.
No. It’s owned by JF now, but it operates and manufactures completely separately. JF has always been the most expensive equipment in Europe (which is why it’s rarely used for events outside of the Netherlands/Belgium)
all higher level clubs I know moved all their kit over to gymnova some time ago now. Not sure who has continental now.
No. Spieth isn’t a budget version of JF, Spieth products are designed and produced completely separately to JF. They are still effectively rival companies, they are just owned now by the same group.
JF has always been the most expensive of the European manufacturers, Continental the cheapest and Gymnova and Spieth about the middle although that does depend on where in Europe you are. For instance, Spieth has only recently become more freely available in the UK, since Continental became the UK distributor for them. Prior to that, Spieth was very expensive in the UK as was shipped directly from Germany.

I still come across from time to time, floors from the Soviet era of patterned carpeting from when some local official clearly gave the contract to the people’s rug company of Tashkent.

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