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Hi all
I’m feeling nostalgic and have no idea where my old IG issues are so I wanted to buy some issues with World/Olympic coverage but their website has NO info about each month’s issue(WTF). Does anyone have any info on
  1. a website that has all the covers of IG from 1993 on
  2. the months that contain their coverage of worlds/olympics after 1993
Any help would be greatly appreciated
  1. Not a website but I have their 50th anniversary poster which is a college of front covers. I could take a photo of that to give you 1993-2006 images. If you can wait until Xmas then I could probably take photos of issues from 2006 onwards. I think I’d quite enjoy immersing myself in gym nostalgia.
  2. I could probably compile this list for 1995 onwards next week (I’m away this weekend).
I miss IG. I can’t remember the exact timeline of them going quarterly and the pandemic. Would have been interesting to see what they filled issues with when all the competitions were cancelled if they’d kept the ten issues per year. I’ve been a subscriber since 1999 but I’ve never been sent a quarterly issue. Obviously there were more important things going on in 2020/1 so chasing it wasn’t high on my priority list. I sent them a couple of e-mails after the Olympics but never heard back.
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thank you so much but please do not go to any trouble for me!
I miss IG as well… here is what they emailed me a little over a year ago
Here’s the lower third of the poster (faded from the sun). Hopefully this is good enough resolution to make out who is on the covers.
Here are the issues from this millennium with worlds/Olympic coverage. I’ll need to move some furniture to get at the older issues.

2002 Jan Ghent
2003 Jan Debrecen
2003 Oct Anaheim
2004 Oct Athens

2006 Jan/Feb Melbourne
2006 Dec Aarhus
2007 Oct Stuttgart
2008 Oct Beijing

2009 Dec London
2010 Dec Rotterdam
2011 Dec Tokyo
2012 Sept London

2013 Nov Antwerp
2014 Nov Nanning
2015 Dec Glasgow
2016 Sept Rio

2017 Nov Montreal
2018 Dec Doha
2019 Nov Stuttgart
Thanks for the e-mail info. The last issue on the old schedule was this one:


Extra poignant given what happened to that season.
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