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New foundation to promote MAG (looks like the Powers group, who is behind EVO.

No Board of Directors on the website, no financial information, either. Red flags.

Did Powers buy EVO at some point? The EVO website is absolutely barren, and looks like maybe they go rid of all their teams? Social media hasn’t been updated in over a year. Yet the men’s national training center is located there, and this suppose foundation is listed as working out of the same address.
I am excited for these opportunities, but I do think the Powers group is the group that has bought a lot of gyms nationwide, and has changed many things…sometimes ending programs. I am not 100% sure on that, but I know I have read some things on other social media sites about this.
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EVO isn’t the men’s national training center. A lot athletes that were at the OTC left for EVO as EVO pays a lot better.

The website may be barren because EVO doesn’t have a social media person.

They just threw up a website and forgot about it.

Whatever it is, it will be better than the last time someone tried this - Gattaca.
And the NT team guys are still being paid by USOC . AND if they are at EVO, they get both.

I have heard rumors about some issues…but not verified.

The training center is still OPTC.
The EVO website used to be a lot different, and a lot better. Now the website is basically worthless. This is a club that once had aspirations of being one of the best elite gyms in the country–they lured Aimee Boorman to be their team director for a time. But this fits the pattern for gyms bought by Powers.

Being better than Gattaca is a very low bar.
Is it just me, or does that media statement read extremely strangely? Lots of buzzwords and talk about a holistic vision, repeated mention of the need for a stream of revenue for the venture, a good deal of talking about reforming the whole sport, and no specifics. Also, why would a group focussed on the non-elite levels grab the elite group? And if they are really involved in ninja equipment, insurance, and developing athletes, isn’t there a conflict of interest there?

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