LIU first meet ever!

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I’m excited! Their team is pretty stacked for this being their inaugural season and they have two former Bruins coaching them. AND I live about an hour away from the school. I really want them to do well and work their way towards becoming a powerhouse team.
I am intrigued to see how they do too.

EAGL voted them to be ranked 8th in the pre-season poll, so not everyone feels the same way apparently.

They are a new team which is why I suspect they were ranked so low.

However, GW was ranked #3 and they have been no where near that. Meanwhile, Towson ranked 7th here just put up a 196.150 (highest in EAGL) and have demonstrated the routines that could challenge for the EAGL title. Temple has also been improving quite a bit, so don’t count them out.
Pitt and New Hampshire aren’t foing as well as I thought.

The most exciting conference championships will be MAC, EAGL, and MRGC as those 3 conferences it could be any team that wins this year. Although Bowling Green has been struggling to get a full 6 on each event.
I hope they have a good start and are able to get six gymnasts on every even… can’t wait to watch them!
GW has had exactly one (admittedly disappointing) meet. So I’m a little unclear how “they’ve been nowhere near” their preseason #3 ranking based on all of one data point. Let’s see them a couple more times before declaring them insufferably overrated.
LIU didn’t win over New Hampshire, but they have a lot of potential. Beam was by far their best rotation, they hit six for six. Talia Folino of Australia and Mara Titarsolej of the Netherlands aren’t cleared to compete by the NCAA yet, but they will be soon. However, the breakout star of the meet was Alisson Lapp of France. Her beam was really, really good, and everyone in LIU’s Twitter feed loves her.
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There were also missing Emma Brown who should compete AA potentially and also anchor on BB and FX.
Bedminster out for the meet effect the VT/UB/FX line ups.

As you said Folino and Titarsolej will also impact the line ups.
Other than Lapp these four are going to be the core of the team, so the first meet was really a B-/C+ team.
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yet you should Spencer has all the meets listed, links to live scoring, and links to the broadcast. He also does quick hits. That is how I knew about the live meeting link.
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We’re later in the season, but I’ve watched a few of their meets. I really like Randy Lane as HC. Seems like a very positive guy. The girls seem to be doing well. I like Lapp quite a bit. Hasn’t there been some depletion due to COVID?

As just a fan of the sport, camerawork has been spotty. Seeing parts of routines here and there. The last LIU meet seemed very LIU-centric in this regard. I want to see all teams at a meet. Split screens. Replays. I know. It’s expensive. But it’s something I hope improves for them for year two. Same with audio. This meet today (UNH, Pitt, Towson @ LIU) has been mostly pretty good, though.
Yes, the roster has been depleted. Lapp is part of a group of 5 gymnasts that should be the core of the team along with Mara Titarsolej, Jah’liyah Bedminster, Emma Brown, and Talia Folino. All capable of the AA IIRC. Bedminster has been out with injury and is missed on VT and FX. Titarsolej made her debut in the quad meet this past weekend and had a 9.925 on UB and 9.8 on FX! They just scored a program best 191.825. Not having Bedminster, Brown, and Folino severely impacts all 4 event totals.

Hoping they continue to improve.

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