Favorite Routines of the Quad

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What are your favorite routines of the quad on each apparatus? I might expand to include my top 5 of each but for now… I also want to start a decades thread hehe. I’m including PT because why tf not
VAULT TABLE: Simone Biles, 2021 GK Classic PT (I recall video of a less harsh one on her knees, but maybe that was in training and not PT/competition. This is such a controlled landing so I chose this)

UNEVEN BARS: Rebeca Andrade, 2021 Worlds Qualifications

BALANCE BEAM: Ou Yushan, 2021 Chinese Nationals PT

FLOOR EXERCISE: Viktoria Listunova, 2019 EYOF EF

Murakami Mai, 2017 Worlds EF

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Roxana Popa 2019 Worlds. Love the choreography and passion.

Marlies Maennersdorfer (AUT) loved watching this routine through the course of the World Challenge Cup circuit this summer. Fun choreography and sells the routine.
She’s really underrated on floor.

She used to have a really nice DLO too. I wonder if she pulled it for her ankles. Seems like gymnasts in their 20s gradually flip to forward landings.

I LOVE the roll on the floor towards the end at 1:23. THAT would tick my complex/creative choreography box alone.
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Simone having. The YDP. The one she landed for the tv show had a better landing but this one was under pressure:

Grace Kramer’s robot floor routine. It’s hard to find the best angle.

Favorite elite floor was Mai’s.

Ou Yushan’s big beam routine.

Nedoroscik pommels at worlds.

Rebecca Andrade’s bars a few weeks ago.

I’m going to say:

VT- Simone’s YDP at US Classic. Honourable mention for Andrade and Downie’s Chengs.
UB- Sentimentally, Mustafina’s comeback bars at 2018 worlds
BB- Ponor 2017 Euros EF, Pauline Schaefer 2021 worlds prelims and that one podium training routine of Ou Yushan’s where she hit everything out of the park
FX- probably a Gadirova. If I can choose an extract only, the deranged bit in Listunova’s Olympic routine before the final pass
I feel like Jess has slightly better form in her leaps. And slightly better technique (thought not by much) in her BHS.

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