Asian Championships cancelled

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This has been rumoured for a while but it looks like the Asian continental is officially cancelled now.

I’ve seen FIG document screenshots on twitter (tried to find them on the website but you know how easy that is grrrr arg) saying they will confirm reallocation of places once the apparatus world cup series is complete i.e. as late as possible.
Assuming we read the rules correctly, the Asian spots will go to An Chang Ok (PRK)
Didn’t PRK say they weren’t going to go to the Olympics this year? So they’ll give the spot to someone who isn’t going. Good call. Give a spot to Japan, dummies in the FIG. I can’t imagine anyone begrudging them the spot and we all know if they had had the championships, Murakami would have gotten one of the spots anyway.
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Neither, sorry - I wasn’t clear. Just trying to note the (slight) irritation it might cause Pyongyang if it were to happen.
I won’t happen because Japan has a full team so the spot will go further down the list since PRK is out then Tracie Ang of Malaysia will get the spot.
Isn’t it insane that these gymnasts who thought they were out of the running suddenly get a call saying they’re in.

I can imagine that continuing to train as a first or second reserve on the list is hard, motivation wise.
The rules for spot reallocation are terrible and stupid. If you are going to cancel a continental championship, first call on spots should be from any team in the region in the top 12. China already at +2, is out. So Japan claims one. Then, with the second +1, work their way through the AA list, starting from the top and the next athlete from the region who didn’t get a spot because their teammate qualified ahead of them (skipping the teams qualified). So we pass all the Chinese and Japanese gymnasts (they are at +2 anyway) and 2 South Koreans who are already qualified (through AA and VT EF) and happen upon…An Chang Ok. So North Korea could have 2 qualified. But since they said they aren’t going, does Kim Su Jong’s spot get reallocated too? So now you can give one to Eom Dohyun and Ting Hua-Tien (unless she is already qualified, not sure), otherwise Tan Ing Yueh. Done. GB and ITA got screwed by the reallocation of AA WC spots, Japan is getting screwed by the cancellation of the Asian Championships. I will totally cut a bitch if the PanAms (or whatever one it is) gets cancelled and Rebecca Andrade’s chance at a spot is lost.
Did anyone else sort of think to themselves “in what apocalypse would that happen?!” when reading through the contingency plans in Tokyo qualification procedures back in the Age of Innocence? It’s so wild that they’ve become inadequate.

I still can’t believe international gymnastics made no attempt to conduct virtual competitions. They would open up so many growth opportunities for the sport in addition to allowing the 2021 season to happen. Imagine a World Cup series with 20 remote meets a year, a few semifinals in person, and a big fun final. Honestly, it’s kinda pathetic. Coaches figured at least something out, and that’s massively harder. Why can’t the FIG?
Apparently for the British trials they videotaped all the routines. Only the D scores were calculated in real time. E scores were made virtually.

Personally, I’d have thought it be more accurate the other way around!
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Yes, the first North Korean’s spot was reallocated to Megan Ryan of Ireland.
Which is the proper way to do it as the original spot was earned through AA qualifications at Worlds.
I suppose I should clarify that I meant international meets. some feds are doing internal things, but no attempts at even a modest test of an international meet have occurred, or at least not that I can recall hearing about.
Yeah same and it’s a shame. Pan Ams and Asian Championships could have been quite different (in different ways) if they’d gone virtual.

Milka Gehani (SRI)

Pranati Nayak (IND)
are headed to the Olympics based on their finish at the 2019 Worlds AA Qualifications

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