2024 Week 10: 3/4/24-3/10/24

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Monday, March 4
9:00 pmBYU @ Southern Utah - Live Stats | Video

Big move by Maryland today. Replaced a 195.525 with 197.050, bringing their NQS up to 196.430, moving from 37th to 27th. They have another road meet this weekend, and they'll be looking to replace a 195.625.
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When I saw them in 37th I was shocked, but they had those low first few week scores.
Yeah, it's crazy. I followed along watching their IG story where they shared some videos with scores.

Konnor was out of the meet due to illness. Livvy Dunne competed in two events tonight for a change. KJ Johnson did beam for the first time this year, too.
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Many teams broke team score records last night
Clemson with a 197.600 (very over scored meet, watched on ACC+, at least .5 higher than it should have been, maybe .7)
UC Davis went 197.025

Have to put together a spreadsheet to see but more than half the 80+ teams have broken their team record.
Hard to blame the judges for those crazy scores. They were blinded by the Clemson leos.
Clemson has definitely had some interesting leos, lol.
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D3 regionals is happening today.
In the East, Brockport was heavily favored with Ithaca as the top 2 advancers to Nationals.
However, Brockport just went low 45 on beam, counting several falls, so I danger of not getting an auto-bid.

They changed the qualifying procedures this year, previously the top 3 from both regional advanced, but now only the top 2 advance. The last two teams advanced based on highest qualifying score average for the year from either region.

Brockport should be ok should they not make top 2 here, but it leaves the door open.
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Brockport pulled out the win with a program record 49 on bars!
Cortland shocked RIC and Ithaca to take the 2nd seed.

Oshkosh won the West despite a hiccup on beam.
Whitewater snagged the second spot over La Crosse in an upset.

Whitewater will make it to nationals however, and it looks like it is either Stout or Rhode Island College for the 6th spot.
Lol, this was the best Stanford has looked in years, but that's some batshit crazy scoring today.
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I know I shouldn't expect geographical accuracy with how clustered gym programs are, but why is Nebraska south central? Or Bama central and Missouri south central? It doesn't make any sense to me.
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I think it is based on where the programs currently are geographically in comparison to other schools.
I am surprised they still keep the regional category as it never really matters anymore with the current qualification system.

In the 80s and 90s, there were no seeds, whatever regional you were assigned to, you competed at. Back then there were 5 regionals and top 2 made it to Nationals, later (1993/1994?) it was changed to 6 regionals.
UCLA did it yet again. They rested Selena Harris during their last away meet before Pac-12s and scored 196.325. They fell to 11th place in the rankings.

With UCLA resting their stars at away meets only to put them in at home meets when they desperately need good away scores, I was wondering what was going on but figured there had to be a reason for this. Now I am not so sure there is a good reason. It looks like poor planning on the coaching staff's part.

Without reallocating teams based on who the Regionals Hosts are, and going purely off of ranking, at this point UCLA would be in the Cal Regional going up against Cal, Kentucky, and Auburn. Which means UCLA would likely have to beat either #6 Kentucky or #3 Cal (plus Auburn) to make it to NCAAs, a very tall order.
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Crazy that Cal breaks their all-time program high yet falls a spot in the rankings. But LSU had crappy away meet scores and just replaced a low one with a high one.

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