NCAA Week 2

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BIG meets this weekend. All are qualifiers for the Winter Cup! Should be a lot of fun:)

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I’m planning to go to the Cal meet - supposedly they will allow spectators.

Thanks for updating the men’s NCAA stuff - I haven’t had the energy to keep up with doing it as I did in the past
No problem! Love MAG! I would love to see more stuff.

I am hoping to go to RMO this weekend. Should be some great gymnastics.

I think there will be some individual teams streaming on different social media platforms, but don’t have links yet.
Well, week 2 started out with a great meet! So close right up to the end! Hope the others are as good.

Thank you for that! I had spotty coverage and was trying to watch a meet online AND in person. It proved to be more than I could handle lol.

So excited for this season!
Sam mentioned there’s going to be a bonus system at the Winter Cup to reward higher difficulty. Around 30 minutes in if you want to hear just that. It’s supposed to make it less risky to try more difficulty.

I wonder if he would start or join a podcast to talk more about men’s gymnastics?
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I hated that bonus system when they had it before.

Per Kensley on Twitter

Sam was offered the assistant coaching position at Stanford (vacated by Syque Caesar) but turned it down. Maybe he doesn’t want to move to the CA Bay Area where the cost of living is out of sight.

He wants to take judging courses to be a more informed commentator.

It would be great if he started a podcast.
Stanford is resting it’s big guns, and they normally start out slowly so I expect these standings to change a lot


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