Ferrari comeback - 2nd Italian Series meet

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I can only imagine she’s trying the punch layout through to 2.5 dismount. When instead, for one tenth less, she could do a simple front full.

I swear half these international coaches don’t know anything about the code.

DTY looks huge though!

Awful UB construction.

I think her rings on beam might get a beating internationally. And that LOSO.

It looks like she’s back difficulty-wise but her form has really deteriorated everywhere. Kinda like ponor circa 2017.
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That bars set is achingly late 00s, isn’t it? Screams 10 counting skills. I’m in awe of her endurance… but surely there’s a better way?
I was thinking 2008 and it didn’t bring back good UB memories.

That fall at the end looked nasty. I was worried that she was going to headbutt that black box thing.
Just impressed she’s able to be back and at what looks like close to full strength so quickly! Even if she wasn’t that sick, just the training time missed right before seems like it would have an impact.
Well most of her skills she has done for many years and even over a decade, so I m sure much of it is muscle memory.

The recent Covid diagnosis might be the reason why she was so scrappy with her execution.

If she can clean up considerably, she is the best option for Tokyo to complement Villa’s and D’Amatos.
VT (Ferrari) Alice, Asia, Villa
UB (Ferrari) Alice, Asia, Villa
BB (Alice) Asia, Ferrari, Villa
FX (Alice) Asia, Villa, Ferrari

They need someone for FX desperately and a consistent BBer helps too.
No clue. I don’t necessarily want them downgraded, I’m just tired of seeing everyone and their mother butcher them in an attempt to raise their SVs, especially with the way the code now prescribes them to be performed. The way Ragan did her switch ring might be what the FIG wants but my eyes dislike it.
I swear half these international coaches don’t know anything about the code.
I have to say… the second I have an athlete that is an international contender… I will be posting all of their routines right here.

The options…
  1. Keep my huge ego intact and lose… after all… I know everything about kip cast handstands.
  2. Post the routines… learn something… keep a tenth or two… have a better chance to win… after all… this place obviously has several masters at “code” cast handstands.
Just a little joke… but seriously… you guys (and girls) are good.
I cannot BELIEVE she still has a functioning lower body. Just assumed she’d have turned into a mermaid by now. That actually isn’t a bad idea though if the goal was to minimize her leg form deductions and nix the ring jumps.
They need to revise Dance/Mixed SB to A+A+C, and Mixed CV to D (Acro) + A (Dance), and downgrade all of the jumps raised last quad back to A. Seeing every single routine with Split and Straddle Jumps, while Sisson, Cat Leap, etc., were left behind, was not worth being able to keep things clean with the Acro SB formula.

Similarly, rings in general are a mess; the Ring Jump and Leap need to be combined into 1 element, the Double Stag and Ring Leap (diagonal split) need to be raised to C, and the Sheep needs to go back to a D. There’s no sense offering C+C (0.1) and D+D (0.2) CV with so few options.

Something like a “max 2 difficult variations for DV” or such would be a nice addition.

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