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So it has begun!

Ariel Posen originally slated to attend UCLA has now switched her commitment to Georgia. She will be a freshman in the 2022-2023 school year.

2021 Nastia Liukin Cup winner/Region 3 AA champion Leah Smith has switched her commitment from Washington to Arkansas. Smith will be a freshman 2021-2022 school year.
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Thanks for the updates.

Older news but relevant for elite-NCAA-MG-ish news: UCLA also dropped Zoe Gravier a few months ago and she’s off to Alabama. Chris Waller has thus unloaded both MG Elite recruits. Cutthroat but shrewd moves, IMO. Unfortunately, that’s how NCAA goes at the top, and UCLA cannot afford to keep piling up injury situations. They already have Malabuyo, Padurariu, and Moors coming in.

Florida dropped Olivia Greaves. That one was long coming, because there’s no way Greaves could be at the same school as McCusker after Olivia’s mother called Riley a liar WRT Haney abuse discourse. LSU, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, and Nebraska could work for Greaves. She’s said to be following Cal, UCLA, Utah, and Michigan on social media too, but I don’t see how any of those programs give her an offer.
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Woah, how recent is the Greaves news? Good on Jenny to make a decision in Riley’s best interest. I’m sure Jay’s been in contact already, but I think Arkansas would be a good fit for her if Wieber is willing to look past Olivia’s mom’s behavior, though I’ve no idea to what extent she’s aware of that.

Off topic, but despite the huge investment in their training facilities, I doubt Nebraska is on any top recruit’s radar after finishing last at Big Tens and missing Regionals, not to mention the roster exodus. As a kicker, their top 21’ recruit signed an NLI for OU. The turn around from knocking Bama out of Super Six in 2018 to barely finishing in the top 40 this year has to be one of the most drastic declines for a top program in NCAA history.
I was curious when Ariel Posen would announce a new commitment as when Ciena Alipio announced her UCLA commitment, there would no longer be a scholarship space in the 2022/23 class for Posen. Interesting that both Posen and Gravier were both (presumably) dropped by UCLA, but they both committed 3 years ago and lots of things have changed. One of the reasons I’m glad they got rid of early recruiting!

Greaves removed all Florida related things from her IG about a month ago. Since then, she started following the Arkansas gym account, the Auburn gym account, the Cal coaches, some Michigan gymnasts and Ashleigh Gnat. Wieber also followed her on IG around that time. I would love to see her at Arkansas, but I’m so confused about the scholarship situation for 2022/23 since they added Leah Smith. Only place I don’t want her to end up is LSU lol.
Anyone know what’s up with Deiah Moody? She committed to Michigan as a baby elite, but has nothing college-related on her instagram.
A user named chellydenny on IG2’s Instagram said that Morgan Hurd had removed Florida from her bio. Is this true? I’m not sure what ‘Bio’ exactly they were referring to! But I hope that it’s not true! This was her brief post:

chellydenny She’s taken FL out of her bio.
I have wondered if Hurd is going to either retire from gymnastics all together or if she’s going to switch her NCAA commitment. UCLA’s social justice efforts would be a strong fit to what’s been motivating her of late.
I’m heartbroken for Morgan’s career to potentially end this way, but would UCLA even consider taking her? Chris probably does not want to invest in another injury-magnet elite. He’s already got Malabuyo and Padurariu coming in, it wouldn’t be a smart decision.

UF reposted a video of her from this weekend on their insta story, along with one of McCusker, however it must’ve expired by now.
To say nothing of Moors and GAGE. UCLA needs to stop trying to be Val/Rhonda and start being KJK. Sturdy L10s, get back to basics and precision.

IIRC, the NLI is binding if a deferral is the athlete’s choice but becomes non-binding if it’s the institution’s choice. Since Hurd announced she was deferring until 2022 so she could go for Worlds and thanked everybody for making it possible, it doesn’t sound like Florida forced her hand much, though they did need 1-2 people to defer so they wouldn’t be overcommitted.

I’d guess Hurd is locked into UF, and her path is either medical retirement or praying she can heal enough to contribute something, maybe on beam or floor. I hope she’s given the resources to heal physically and psychologically if she does not have them already.
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I wonder where Jade will go now. Is she planning to go pro?

Per Rudi the Roster Robot on Twitter:
Oregon State: Jade Carey (Fr.) - Removed from roster
Haha, please do! Clarity is a wonderful thing and we can never have too much of it in this sport.

Yes, somebody said the database software assumes everybody on the roster is matriculating, graduating, or redshirting (depending on the program, many do not list redshirts anymore), but she’s not a sophomore or redshirt freshman, technically, so she had to be manually deleted and re-uploaded as a freshman.
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