20 years of US AA domination

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The 2022 marked the 20th year of the USA’s domination of the womens all around at world championships and Olympic Games. 20 years of consecutive medalists

2003: Carly Patterson
2004: Carly Patterson
2005: Chellsie Memmel, Nastia Liukin
2006: Jana Bieger
2007: Shawn Johnson
2008: Nastia Liukin, Shawn Johnson
2009: Bridget Sloan, Rebecca Bross
2010: Rebecca Bross
2011: Jordyn Wieber
2012: Gabby Douglas
2013: Simone Biles, Kyla Ross
2014: Simone Biles, Kyla Ross
2015: Simone Biles, Gabby Douglas
2016: Simone Biles, Aly Raisman
2017: Morgan Hurd
2018: Simone Biles, Morgan Hurd
2019: Simone Biles
2020: Suni Lee
2021: Leanne Wong, Kayla DiCello
2022: Shilese Jones
It’s interesting that this is the 20th year too, because I think this is the best the US team has been relative to their level of individual success in a long time, if that makes sense. Before Rebeca’s vault mishap, it looked like a very realistic possibility that the US would win the team title comfortably but not take any other golds. It’s been a long time since the US were in a position where their clear and obvious best chance of gold was in TFs, rather than it being a toss up.
I hope that for next year, 2023, the USA will have yet another AA victory , probably with Sunisa Lee and/or Shilese Jones.

José M.
However, if Russia competed, we might have not done as well this year. Hard to say with Russian domestic competition scores but
One of the (very few) things you can actually credit Karolyi for.

When everything starting taking a turn towards specialists in the 01-04 quad with 6-3-3, she insisted on the emphasis staying on AA. USAG kept the American Cup (as shammy as it was back then) an AA meet when everything else went to EF (minus the '05 experiment.) Kept doing two rounds of AA competition to determine the National Champion vs just one day.

The team/EF results may not have been what they could have been her first decade, but America reigned in the AA.

She’s still horrible. But damn if she didn’t love an All-Around gymnast.
Let’s keep the discussion about the war in the proper thread please. And the politics are starting to leak in.

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