Yulia Krupskaya

What happened to this athlete? That Onodi is a work of art.


She was coached by Alla Kotova at Dinamo Moscow, who would later coach another beautiful yet perpetually injured gymnast, Nadezhda Ivanova.

She struggled with an ankle injury throughout 1998 and finished 14th at the 1999 Russia Cup. She appears to have retired after then.

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Ugh bhs-onodi is another beautiful combo we never see anymore


Lovely gymnast. I remember Ivanova vaguely.

Ivanova started beam before the green light at 2004 junior euros and nearly cost the gold. But it was a beautiful routine.

Ahead of its time, one might say.


2005-2008 was supposed to be the Liukin vs. Ivanova quad.

In the end, they only faced each other as juniors, at the 2004 WOGA Classic. I think it ended up Liukin- Ivanova- Zgoba.

I think the whole Liukin v Ivanova stuff was really just the gymnternet getting over excited- Ivanova had even less vaulting ability than Liukin so I don’t think she’d have ever made it as a top AAer. Domestically she was struggling to beat Kristina Pravdina, who was the top ranked 1990 born gymnast.