Worlds Qualifier: 2022 Pan American Gymnastics Championships Rio de Janerio, BRA 7/11-7/15

Now it’s men right? Or am i watching the wrong feed

Men and Women compete at the same time similar to American Cup used to be. I think they are staggered times, as I am not sure how vault and floor work. Unless they have two floor mats and two vault runways.
Yesterday there was no coverage of the USA juniors (only Sumansekera on beam) because the live stream was solely focused on the Brazilian men.

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Poor Toby Liang!
The men should just ditch the shorts. Track stars run without the extra baggy shorts, swimmer compete in speedos. I am pretty sure we would be fine if the men competed in their unitards. Just make the legs a bit longer and it shouldn;t be an issue.

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some vids are showing up here

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Closest I ever remember is Vanessa Ferrari’s scrunchie giving up the ghost about 15 years back.

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There’s a fine history of wardrobe malfunction at the MAG Pan Ams. Remember the guy in 99 who got his pants caught on the high bar?

Moceanu lost her scrunchie at one point too. I also think there’s a video somewhere of a guy actually completely losing his shorts mid routine?

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Brenda Magana lost her scrunchie at Copa Gimnástica

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Impressed by Jamaica’s performance.
While they did count some 9s and 10s, this country has come a long way in a short amount of time.
Danusia Francis competing in Tokyo and ensuring she started a bars routine despite being injured must have had an impact.
While they won’t qualify to Worlds with strong teams (MEX, CAN, BRA, ARG) left to come, they have an outside chance to qualify top 8 and get a full team to the Pan Am Games in Chile next year. They already finished ahead of Puerto Rico and Cuba which is pretty historical. They would have to survive 2 of Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and Colombia in order to make it to Pan Ams which I think CAM happen. Costa Rica only has 3 athletes so they are going 3 up 3 count (if all 3 are doing AA) so Jamaica should be ok. Venezuela and Chile have similar scoring potential as Jamaica so it will be interesting for sure! Colombia should pass Jamaica but it will depend if they hit, some counting falls could drop them like Cuba.

I think the competition is at the halfway point now, 2/4 subdivisions gone.

The USA, counting two falls on beam, lead the team standings by a full 25 points. Was this draw entirely random or is it a bit like Euros with packing potentially four of the top five teams into the last subdivision?

Lexi Zeiss might win the AA with 54.199 if Andrade isn’t doing all four events. US gymnasts lead bars (Miller), beam (Zeiss) and floor (DiCello) at the moment.

Tyesha Mattis is the highest ranked non-American so far, and will almost certainly qualify for Worlds.

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Terrible stream. Did anyone see Yul’s routine?

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It was a random draw. Always is for Pan Ams.

It should be seeded like Europeans and Commonwealth Games. Where your previous placement is where your draw is.
If you were top 4 teams then you are in the final subdivision.

In 2004, Romania won the European team title out of the 1st subdivision of 3. This is because they had not sent a full team in 2002 and were relegated to the subdivision with mostly individuals in mixed groups.

Granted, if they used this format then Canada and the USA would have been in the first subdivision anyway because they didn’t participate in 2021.

It’s a no from me too.

Jamaica watch,

1/2 way through subdivision 3.
CHI 12.183 (needs beam and floor)
CRC 11.772 (needs bars and beam
COL 11.410 (needs vault and bars)
JAM 11.280
VEN 10.566 (needs floor and vault)
looks good for Jamaica as the three teams above have beam or bars left and Costa Rica needs both. Venezuela will get above 11.280 on vault so let us see what happens on FX. Chile’s FX rotation is strong an can average high 12s, but they have beam now.

First up for Chile on beam 11.267 Costa Rica bars 10.900 and that has to count with only 3 athletes. Chile NEEDS to drop that beam score.
Venezuela also below th average 10.600 for first floor.
COL 12.433 first vault.

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VEN FX 11.400
COL VT 12.5
CHI 11.267, 11.367 on BB
CRC 9.300 second bars, has to count

If you were to use these us scores in worlds, how will they do today

Italy scored a 161.950 at Mediterranean Games, so USA would be 1.484 behind Italy.
However, USA did count 2 beams falls today and also a 1.5ty.
This is likely USA B team if you think about McClain, Chiles, Carey, Wong, Jones likely A team though I would say Miller is potential A team material for UB alone.

Jamaica watch for Pan Am Games!

Going into final rotation.
Chile needs a 9.266 (27.800) average on floor to pass.
Colombia needs a 9.711 (29.134) average on bars to pass.
Costa Rica needs an 11.022 (33.068) on beam to pass and can’t drop a score.
Venezuela needs a 12.970 (38.936) average on vault to pass and this isn’t happening with their vault due to low D.]

So if Chile passes Jamaica which is highly likely then the host team is qualified, which means Jamaica can allow Colombia to pass and still finish in 8th and the final Pan Am qualifier and I believe will qualify for team finals.

thanks Irichluck21. I forgot about mclain and the others. I was getting worried.