Worlds Qualifier: 2022 Pan American Gymnastics Championships Rio de Janerio, BRA 7/11-7/15

Well, clearly this will be a nailbiter.

We wouldn’t know unless we had the live scores, the video feeds are horrific. ONLY showing Brazilian men. All through warm up they only showed the BRA men. Like I don’t need to see Joao Perdigao grab and adjust his crotch once, let alone three times. I get he is nervous but geez.

It’s a no from me.


Hate the leo.

Someone needs to teach Tiana bars.


God, yes. her bars scores are definitely going to hold her back in the future.

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USA wins by 10.367.
Sumansekera sneaks into the AA podium.
Caylor wins gold in her first international meet.

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Does anyone know why the formats for the junior and senior competitions are so different? Today was TF + AA for juniors, whereas tomorrow will be AA + EF for seniors. Do they need to have a prelim team round for seniors due to Worlds qualification rules?

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So Molomo is out then?

So, the knee wasn’t wrapped in the training photo . . . what happened?

I’m feeling this although I feel like I shouln’t but I do. I’ve always liked black and red.


They have done team qualifications and team finals for years now.

The team qualifications acts as qualifications for Worlds, it is also acting as qualifications to the Pan American Games next summer, which is top 8 +host (if Chile qualifies a full team then only 8 teams qualify).


She didn’t end up competing. Not sure what happened.

Where is Dulcy Caylor from? Any videos out there for this meet?

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Isn’t she WCC but formerly Texas Dreams?

I think I saw on twitter that Molomo got hurt in warm ups, maybe training yesterday?

Dulcy was at Texas Dreams but switched to WCC late last year. She just qualified elite, and got her nationals score at pan am selection. Crazy. Now she’s jr pan am champ.

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She must have gotten injured between podium training and competition as Audrey Snyder was the traveling alternate and ended up competing per USAG article.

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Senior Quals starts in around ten minutes, I believes.
Live stream:
Live scores:

Looks like beam falls from DiCello, Mueller, and Blakely.
Zeiss is the only one to clear 13.

Live stream isn’t working for me.

Got live stream working! Missed beam tho.
Elle Mueller is a mini Grace McCallum, moves just like her on floor.

Good thing there is a team finals.
USA can get the mistakes out now.
They definitely look nervous out there.