Worlds Qualifier: 2022 European Championships — Munich, Germany August 11- 21

Hopefully the Gadirovas are doing AA and they use Ondine, GMF, and Kinsella as specialists.
VT Kinsella, Ondine, Jen, Jess
UB Ondine, GMF, Jen, Jess
BB GMF, Kinsella, Jen, Jess
FX Ondine, Kinsella, Jen, Jess
although realistically they could have GMF do AA here and be the dropped score on VT/FX and have Ondine (VT/UB) and Kinsella (BB/FX)
However, the trio also did 2 event finals each so…

Ideally you would probably have Kinsella in the AA though
VT Kinsella, Ondine, Jen, Jess
UB Jess, Kinsella, Ondine, GMF
BB GMF, Jen, Jess, Kinsella
FX Ondine, Kinsella, Jen, Jess
But this is even more pressure on Kinsella since now she is doing the AA again if Jen is off bars.
There is no separate AA final to worry about, but what would the team finals line up look like with 3 up 3 count and no luxury of dropping a score? So no AA final as was at CWG, but there is a TF which there was not at CWG. Same amount of meets.

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So according to the media that are there it seems the consensus is 1.Italy, 2. France, 3. Great Britain
GBR is better than France on paper though but lots of tough landings and big steps back on vault and floor according to videos and clips posted on social media.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1557055505209724931|twgr^621402ed232017e8f807798f77f200e1cb589e55|twcon^s1_&

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Boyer FX

Heduit FX

Romania (improved but still lots of form deductions)
Barbosu BB

Sfringu BB

Barbosu UB (If Romania wants to make Worlds and team finals here they need Barbosu to hit UB)

Kovacs UB (looks like a gold medal contender to me!)

Injury on vault? :frowning:

Yup, not sure who it was. But if it is really bad then Poland is out of the team competition, which means no Worlds. Poland only sent 3 AAers and they were gonna do 3 up 3 count. Not surprising as Poland declined 2019 Worlds as a team. They might be lacking depth right now also I think several of their NT members retired.

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Confirmed that qualifications will be streamed (although not confirmed where it may be geoblocked):

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BBC qualifications update. It was on the end of the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony last night - Track Cycling & Gymnastics Thursday BBC iPlayer. The episode list has been updated to include qualifications as well, so hopefully there will be something.


Lots of Podium training videos currently being uploaded to YouTube by this user:

Well not 100% sure if it’ll work Thursday, but I registered and said “United States” and once I confirmed registration I was able to go and watched archived European diving and rhythmic championships. FINGERS CROSSED it looks like it will be ok?
Screen Shot 2022-08-09 at 7.18.57 PM

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Broadcasting restrictions typically apply to live events

Not sure where you are located but it looks the the BBC will be showing at least sub 4 on Thursday:


Start lists available for WAG senior:

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Excellent. I should be around then, hopefully everyone who wants to watch is able to.

Jess will be defending her floor title with the same routine. I wonder when the last time that happened was?

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Already discussed on the British thread, but only beam and floor for Jennifer Gadirova. Jessica, Kinsella, Achampong AA, Fenton VT, UB.

AA contenders for Italy are Martina Maggio and Asia D’Amato. Friess, Heduit and Osyssek for France. Kim Bui, Sarah Voss and Emma Malewski for Germany (Seitz only doing vault and bars).

Elsewhere, Romania and Finland have four doing AA and an unused fifth team member. But that’s better than not sending a full team. Sweden, who have sent a team of four, are only putting up three on floor, while Poland apparently suffered an injury in training and only have two gymnasts now because they only sent three.

Filipa Martins and Ana Derek are not listed to do the all around, so they’re out of worlds barring an unlikely team qualification. Both would have qualified easily if they showed up to any of the relevant World Cups.

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Martins is injured I believe and limited to UB. They will be fighting to make top 13, its doable but not an easy task. They were 14th in 2018 with Russia ahead of them as well as Poland who was 13th.
Granted its a full 4 years since those results.
Finland and Sweden are both improved, as is Turkey since 2018 Euros and they all finished below Portugal in 2018. It will be interesting.

Only to the European countries that airing it on a broadcast that they purchased rights to…hoping its ok here in the US.

FYI I’m able to access the Eurovision stream in Canada.

That’s the 1st Sub Division over with GER clear leaders followed by NED.

The top two should be in the team final as expected. Austria challenging for a spot at Worlds. Turkey won’t make it with that score.