Worlds Qualifier: 2022 European Championships — Munich, Germany August 11- 21

Nominative rosters!


No Russia and no Belarus (as we suspected) so both are out of Worlds in terms of sending a full team.

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Mmm Munich… i could actually show up :thinking:

Anybody planning on going?

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I predict top 8 will be
Great Britain

Also qualifying to Worlds
Spain (Olympian and NCAA Mariana Gonzalez is back in Spain)
Sweden (potential team final/top 8 spoiler)

Switzerland and Portugal are right on the bubble with Turkey and Norway. But I have them both looking in from the outside.


I agree those look like the most likely eight for the team final and top three. With Italy slightly favoured over GB, but maybe GB might look better in August than they did back in March last time any of them competed in public. (Kinsella, Fenton and Achampong are competing at the Commonwealth Games soon, but do GB have the only Euros team who haven’t appeared in international competition at all so far this year?)

Looking at qualification for Worlds, Finland should be another team with a decent chance. Sweden will be in contention but only sending four gymnasts isn’t the best start. I don’t think Poland (13th at 2018 Euros) would qualify this year anyway, but they’ve as good as confirmed that by only nominating a team of three. Portugal I think are a long shot, they aren’t that strong beyond Filipa Martins, who is probably more likely to be the top individual qualifier.

If there is a bit of a shock non-qualification from a team you might expect to make it, it might unfortunately be Ukraine. This year has obviously not been ideal for training, but the team selected is also rather inexperienced and probably not the team that would have been chosen if everyone was available.

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They finished 5th at the Nordic Championships behind Sweden, Norway, Iceland, and Denmark. However, I don’t know if that was Finland’s A team or B team or what.

Ukraine is also sending inexperienced gymnasts, are their strongest injured or disrupted training due to the war or?
No Varinska, Motak, or Bachnyska

Wasn’t Motak changing nationality?

Ukraine is having difficulty putting together a team because many families of the minor gymnasts left and filed for refugee status in European countries. They cannot travel within Europe without losing some of the financial aid they get and so many of them cannot travel to Germany.

Credit to @Samxo for posting this in British Talk thread.

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Ooooh, GB and Italy in the same subdivision!

and France and Belgium…likely the top 4. Though Germany might have something o say about that but they are in subdivision 1 and have to start on beam.

That was a B team for Finland, no overlap with the Euros team.

Motak was apparently trying to switch nationality to Poland at some point. Also missing is Daniela Batrona who went to all the World Cups earlier in the year.

do we know who is competing at European yet

Yes, the roster is in the very first post.

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i cant view it. my computer wont let me download it

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open it in google sheets…that is what I did.


i dont know how to do that

All I had to do was click on that

Then view

Then click gymnasts and the roster showed.

Event Nominative Applications
34th WAG ECh 2022, Munich
# NF Category Surname Name License Gender
1 AUT Senior gymnast KROELL Carina 28438 Female
2 AUT Senior gymnast KICKINGER Selina 31628 Female
3 AUT Senior gymnast MOERZ Charlize 47917 Female
4 AUT Senior gymnast MOERZ Alissa 37206 Female
5 AUT Senior gymnast PALICKA Katrin 45422 Female
6 AZE Senior gymnast GAHRAMANOVA Samira 37879 Female
7 AZE Senior gymnast MINAKOVSKAYA Milana 47977 Female
8 AZE Junior gymnast MAJIDZADE Duyghu 53693 Female
9 AZE Junior gymnast TEYMUROVA Nazanin 51209 Female
10 BEL Senior gymnast LOUON Noemie 43771 Female
11 BEL Senior gymnast VAELEN Lisa 45618 Female
12 BEL Senior gymnast DANDOIS Margaux 46757 Female
13 BEL Senior gymnast VERKEST Jutta 46754 Female
14 BEL Senior gymnast ENGHELS Fien 37735 Female
15 BEL Junior gymnast BAERT Chloe 53964 Female
16 BEL Junior gymnast BRUYNSEELS Eva 55050 Female
17 BEL Junior gymnast O’DRISCOLL Aberdeen 53621 Female
18 BEL Junior gymnast DEVREKER Yelena 53966 Female
19 BEL Junior gymnast DEGRYSE Hanne 53967 Female
20 BUL Senior gymnast GEORGIEVA Valentina 50411 Female
21 BUL Junior gymnast NIKOLOVA Elena 55770 Female
22 BUL Junior gymnast SOKOLOVA Nikol 55771 Female
23 BUL Junior gymnast STOIMENOVA Nikol 55800 Female
24 BUL Junior gymnast VENTSISLAVOVA Viktoria 55764 Female
25 BUL Junior gymnast BOEVA Teodora 55766 Female
26 CRO Senior gymnast KORENT Tijana 3681 Female
27 CRO Senior gymnast DEREK Ana 21313 Female
28 CRO Senior gymnast SULEKIC Sara 46168 Female
29 CRO Senior gymnast KUKULJAN FRLETA Nika 47217 Female
30 CRO Senior gymnast FURAC Petra 21444 Female
31 CRO Junior gymnast BEZER Mia 56219 Female
32 CRO Junior gymnast PRPIC Mila 55043 Female
33 CRO Junior gymnast HONTIC Mirna 55385 Female
34 CRO Junior gymnast MESTER Sofia 55036 Female
35 CRO Junior gymnast KAPULAR Lea 56220 Female
36 CYP Senior gymnast BACHURINA Tatiana 54931 Female
37 CZE Senior gymnast HOLASOVA Aneta 31657 Female
38 CZE Senior gymnast MARIKOVA Lucie 47896 Female
39 CZE Senior gymnast PETERKOVA Klara 49966 Female
40 CZE Senior gymnast PONIZILOVA Dominika 34621 Female
41 CZE Senior gymnast TRNKOVA Lucie 46720 Female
42 CZE Junior gymnast ARTAMONOVA Sona 52990 Female
43 CZE Junior gymnast MAKOVICKOVA Patricie 53194 Female
44 CZE Junior gymnast MASOVA Vanesa 53597 Female
45 CZE Junior gymnast STRAKOSOVA Ema 53195 Female
46 CZE Junior gymnast VLKOVA Alice 53600 Female
47 DEN Senior gymnast RASMUSSEN Camille 37919 Female
48 DEN Senior gymnast PETERSEN Freja 45646 Female
49 DEN Senior gymnast NORMANN Camille 48235 Female
50 DEN Senior gymnast SOERENSEN Josephine 44651 Female
51 DEN Senior gymnast LAURITSEN Michelle 5227 Female
52 DEN Junior gymnast JACOBSEN Sara 56158 Female
53 DEN Junior gymnast JENSEN Natalie 56157 Female
54 DEN Junior gymnast LASSEN Hannah 56156 Female
55 DEN Junior gymnast RASMUSSEN Frida 56155 Female
56 ESP Senior gymnast PETISCO Alba 44013 Female
57 ESP Senior gymnast FERNANDEZ Emma 35573 Female
58 ESP Senior gymnast CASABUENA Laura 54741 Female
59 ESP Senior gymnast MEDINA Lorena 40595 Female
60 ESP Senior gymnast GONZALEZ Marina 43999 Female
61 ESP Junior gymnast FONT Laia 54739 Female
62 ESP Junior gymnast SANCHEZ Ona 54743 Female
63 ESP Junior gymnast RODRIGUEZ-CABO Frida 54949 Female
64 ESP Junior gymnast GUARDIET Mar 55899 Female
65 ESP Junior gymnast CORONADO Claudia 54746 Female
66 FIN Senior gymnast HAUTALA Ada 40924 Female
67 FIN Senior gymnast KUUSIKKO Maisa 42962 Female
68 FIN Senior gymnast MAEKELAE Sani 35288 Female
69 FIN Senior gymnast OJALA Rosanna 9901 Female
70 FIN Senior gymnast TANSKANEN Kaia 47927 Female
71 FRA Senior gymnast FRIESS Aline 37516 Female
72 FRA Senior gymnast HEDUIT Carolann 39585 Female
73 FRA Senior gymnast BOYER Marine 30024 Female
74 FRA Senior gymnast CHARPY Lorette 31691 Female
75 FRA Senior gymnast OSYSSEK-REIMER Morgane 34764 Female
76 FRA Junior gymnast VIALLAT Lilou 52853 Female
77 FRA Junior gymnast FROTTE Ambre 51586 Female
78 FRA Junior gymnast VAN EIJKEN Ming 52855 Female
79 FRA Junior gymnast KHENOUN Lena 52849 Female
80 FRA Junior gymnast PONDART Lana 53931 Female
81 GBR Senior gymnast FENTON Georgia-Mae 23568 Female
82 GBR Senior gymnast KINSELLA Alice 31616 Female
83 GBR Senior gymnast GADIROVA Jessica 48370 Female
84 GBR Senior gymnast GADIROVA Jennifer 48369 Female
85 GBR Senior gymnast ACHAMPONG Ondine 44797 Female
86 GBR Junior gymnast EVAN Ruby 54958 Female
87 GBR Junior gymnast MARTIN Abigail 54952 Female
88 GBR Junior gymnast DAVIES Grace 54902 Female
89 GBR Junior gymnast TRAFFORD Tiegan 54901 Female
90 GBR Junior gymnast FLAGE-DONOVAN Evie 54953 Female
91 GEO Senior gymnast GOBADZE Ani 37506 Female
92 GER Senior gymnast BUI Kim 3710 Female
93 GER Senior gymnast SEITZ Elisabeth 13341 Female
94 GER Senior gymnast SCHAEFER-BETZ Pauline 20663 Female
95 GER Senior gymnast VOSS Sarah 23398 Female
96 GER Senior gymnast MALEWSKI Emma Leonie 42392 Female
97 GER Junior gymnast KEVRIC Helen 51897 Female
98 GER Junior gymnast JAUCH Meolie 50191 Female
99 GER Junior gymnast GOTTHARDT Marlene 52651 Female
100 GER Junior gymnast STOEHR Silja 51900 Female
101 GER Junior gymnast MOISZI Chiara Summer 50193 Female
102 GRE Senior gymnast KATSALI Elvira 38500 Female
103 GRE Senior gymnast MARAGKOU Konstantina 51620 Female
104 GRE Senior gymnast PAGONI Areti Paraskevi 51506 Female
105 GRE Senior gymnast VASILOPOULOU Christina 55761 Female
106 GRE Senior gymnast KIOSI Christina 29933 Female
107 GRE Junior gymnast VELETZEKI Maria 56039 Female
108 GRE Junior gymnast GOUSIOU Melina 56037 Female
109 GRE Junior gymnast BANTI Eleni 56146 Female
110 GRE Junior gymnast MESIRI Athanasia 56092 Female
111 GRE Junior gymnast LIAPI Foteini 56091 Female
112 HUN Senior gymnast KOVACS Zsofia 29896 Female
113 HUN Senior gymnast SZEKELY Zoja 37412 Female
114 HUN Senior gymnast MAYER Greta 49843 Female
115 HUN Senior gymnast BACSKAY Csenge Maria 37364 Female
116 HUN Senior gymnast MAKOVITS Mirtill 43011 Female
117 HUN Junior gymnast BALZSAY Hanna 47998 Female
118 HUN Junior gymnast CZIFRA Bettina Lili 53411 Female
119 HUN Junior gymnast MARACZI Fruzsina 53836 Female
120 HUN Junior gymnast BOGYO Anna Szofia 47999 Female
121 HUN Junior gymnast KNIGHT Anna Eileen 56026 Female
122 IRL Senior gymnast SLEVIN Emma 41068 Female
123 IRL Senior gymnast MOORHEAD Emily 55641 Female
124 IRL Senior gymnast HILTON Halle 42864 Female
125 IRL Senior gymnast HIGGINS Blathnaid 41160 Female
126 IRL Senior gymnast MOLLOY Kate 41070 Female
127 IRL Junior gymnast RUSSELL Lily 55025 Female
128 IRL Junior gymnast MCGUINNESS Sophie 55027 Female
129 IRL Junior gymnast MCGUINNESS Maeve 55028 Female
130 IRL Junior gymnast NI DRISCEOIL Caoimhe 55556 Female
131 IRL Junior gymnast HURLEY Aisling 55555 Female
132 ISL Senior gymnast ADALSTEINSDOTTIR Thelma 30174 Female
133 ISL Senior gymnast GUDMUNDSDOTTIR Hildur Maja 48304 Female
134 ISL Senior gymnast HARDARDOTTIR Gudrun 45667 Female
135 ISL Senior gymnast KRISTINSDOTTIR Margret Lea 35874 Female
136 ISL Senior gymnast SUTO Agnes 19313 Female
137 ISL Junior gymnast JOHANNSDOTTIR Ragnheidur Jenny 53733 Female
138 ISR Senior gymnast RAZ Lihie 44814 Female
139 ISR Senior gymnast NETZER Ofir 21436 Female
140 ISR Senior gymnast DOR Geffen 40914 Female
141 ISR Senior gymnast SHALIT Noga 44815 Female
142 ISR Senior gymnast TURISKI Andy 35382 Female
143 ISR Junior gymnast LEIZEROVICH Almog 51996 Female
144 ISR Junior gymnast STEINBERG Nitzan 54291 Female
145 ISR Junior gymnast SHOSHANI Yali 53249 Female
146 ISR Junior gymnast BARAK Liran 56224 Female
147 ITA Senior gymnast ANDREOLI Angela 47313 Female
148 ITA Senior gymnast D’AMATO Alice 35299 Female
149 ITA Senior gymnast D’AMATO Asia 35298 Female
150 ITA Senior gymnast MAGGIO Martina 31859 Female
151 ITA Senior gymnast VILLA Giorgia 35297 Female
152 ITA Junior gymnast BARZASI Chiara 52818 Female
153 ITA Junior gymnast BELARDELLI Arianna 53898 Female
154 ITA Junior gymnast GRILLO Arianna 53886 Female
155 ITA Junior gymnast PIERATTI Martina 52954 Female
156 ITA Junior gymnast PIERAZZINI Viola 52851 Female
157 LAT Senior gymnast ANANJEVA Anastasija 49791 Female
158 LAT Senior gymnast LOCMELE Anna 45429 Female
159 LAT Senior gymnast OLENOVA Arina 45359 Female
160 LAT Senior gymnast ELBE Darja 55520 Female
161 LAT Senior gymnast MELKE Elena 55521 Female
162 LAT Junior gymnast MIHAILOVA Marija 53726 Female
163 LAT Junior gymnast RATOBILSKA Valerija 55390 Female
164 LAT Junior gymnast SMIRNOVA Marija 53762 Female
165 LAT Junior gymnast JUREVICA Katrina 55386 Female
166 LAT Junior gymnast GRAUDA GROTE Anna 51863 Female
167 LIE Junior gymnast WEISSENHOFER Julia 54422 Female
168 LTU Senior gymnast BIKINAITE Ula 47901 Female
169 LUX Senior gymnast MORDENTI Celeste 43056 Female
170 MON Senior gymnast DE FREITAS Joana tbc Female
171 MLT Senior gymnast VELLA CLARK Tara 47337 Female
172 MLT Senior gymnast BORG Ella 38435 Female
173 MLT Junior gymnast CASSAR FENECH Faith Anouk 53678 Female
174 MLT Junior gymnast BUSUTTIL Philippa 52109 Female
175 NED Senior gymnast VAN POL Vera 13496 Female
176 NED Senior gymnast VEERMAN Sanna 34905 Female
177 NED Senior gymnast VOLLEMAN Tisha 29753 Female
178 NED Senior gymnast VISSER Naomi 32733 Female
179 NED Senior gymnast VAN OORSCHOT Shade 43870 Female
180 NED Junior gymnast LIBETON Romeny 55372 Female
181 NED Junior gymnast VAN DAAL Pien 55749 Female
182 NOR Senior gymnast TOESSEBRO Juliane 36098 Female
183 NOR Senior gymnast MADSOE Julie 42904 Female
184 NOR Senior gymnast LEITNER Madelen 47055 Female
185 NOR Senior gymnast NEURAUTER Mali 38234 Female
186 NOR Senior gymnast TRONRUD Maria 35235 Female
187 NOR Junior gymnast HAMMERO Kristine 52966 Female
188 NOR Junior gymnast LOCKERT Keisha 52919 Female
189 NOR Junior gymnast GADDERUD Tomine 53958 Female
190 NOR Junior gymnast IFEANYI Hannah 56183 Female
191 POL Senior gymnast URBANSKA Brygida 44799 Female
192 POL Senior gymnast LOPUSZANSKA Wiktoria 22605 Female
193 POL Senior gymnast KULCZYNSKA Emilia 21558 Female
194 POL Junior gymnast DROBNIAK Maria 53839 Female
195 POL Junior gymnast GRYGIEL Magdalena 53234 Female
196 POL Junior gymnast GRZESIKIEWICZ Wiktoria 52251 Female
197 POL Junior gymnast ROWINSKA Maria 53708 Female
198 POR Senior gymnast COSTA Mafalda 48024 Female
199 POR Senior gymnast MARTINS Filipa 12254 Female
200 POR Senior gymnast SOBRAL Lia 44493 Female
201 POR Senior gymnast PARENTE Mariana 55679 Female
202 POR Senior gymnast MENDES Maria 48025 Female
203 POR Junior gymnast ALVES Gabriela 55680 Female
204 POR Junior gymnast CALISTO Maria 55974 Female
205 POR Junior gymnast MENEZES Maria 55677 Female
206 POR Junior gymnast CARVALHO Catarina 56208 Female
207 ROU Senior gymnast BARBOSU Ana 48325 Female
208 ROU Senior gymnast CEPLINSCHI Maria 48324 Female
209 ROU Senior gymnast PREDA Andreea 50050 Female
210 ROU Senior gymnast SFIRINGU Silviana 44145 Female
211 ROU Senior gymnast STANCIULESCU Ioana 44139 Female
212 ROU Junior gymnast GHIGOARTA Amalia 48321 Female
213 ROU Junior gymnast MANECA-VOINEA Sabrina 50653 Female
214 ROU Junior gymnast PUFLEA Amalia 48322 Female
215 ROU Junior gymnast STOIAN Teodora 53843 Female
216 ROU Junior gymnast TUDOR Crina 55209 Female
217 SLO Senior gymnast BELAK Teja 12206 Female
218 SLO Senior gymnast HRIBAR Lucija 31618 Female
219 SLO Senior gymnast KING Sara 29120 Female
220 SLO Senior gymnast KYSSELEF Tjasa 8686 Female
221 SLO Senior gymnast TRTNIK Zala 49993 Female
222 SUI Senior gymnast BICKEL Lena 42685 Female
223 SUI Senior gymnast HABISREUTINGER Lilli Leanne 42954 Female
224 SUI Senior gymnast WILDI Anina 32998 Female
225 SUI Senior gymnast GIUBELLINI Chiara 49680 Female
226 SUI Senior gymnast SIEGENTHALER Stefanie 21574 Female
227 SUI Junior gymnast ALTHERR Vivienne 55317 Female
228 SUI Junior gymnast RAFFIN Kiara 49658 Female
229 SUI Junior gymnast RAFFIN Samira 49659 Female
230 SUI Junior gymnast PENNISI Angela 56046 Female
231 SUI Junior gymnast CITHERLET Lou-Anne 53897 Female
232 SVK Senior gymnast BALCOVA Adela 46359 Female
233 SVK Senior gymnast KALAMAROVA Radoslava 23474 Female
234 SVK Senior gymnast SURMANOVA Sara 46360 Female
235 SVK Senior gymnast USAKOVA Elena 44186 Female
236 SVK Senior gymnast MOKOSOVA Barbora 19131 Female
237 SVK Junior gymnast DOBROCKA Lucia 52513 Female
238 SVK Junior gymnast BAZIKOVA Ema 52435 Female
239 SVK Junior gymnast BANOVICOVA Sofia 56228 Female
240 SWE Senior gymnast ERIKSSON Alva 32938 Female
241 SWE Senior gymnast PAULSSON Tonya 40832 Female
242 SWE Senior gymnast WESTLUND Emelie 47460 Female
243 SWE Senior gymnast WESTLUND Nathalie 45154 Female
244 SWE Junior gymnast GRAVIN Elina 52766 Female
245 TUR Senior gymnast SAVRANBASI Nazli 38486 Female
246 TUR Senior gymnast YILDIZ Bengisu 51714 Female
247 TUR Senior gymnast KAYISOGLU Sevgi 51713 Female
248 TUR Senior gymnast BINER Ceren 46274 Female
249 TUR Senior gymnast TARHAN Bilge 46275 Female
250 TUR Junior gymnast KARADEMIR Atiye Berra 55993 Female
251 TUR Junior gymnast BAY Beren 56003 Female
252 TUR Junior gymnast KURTULUS Zeynep 55991 Female
253 UKR Senior gymnast KASIANENKO Yuliia 50825 Female
254 UKR Senior gymnast OSIPOVA Valeriia 36040 Female
255 UKR Senior gymnast HUBAREVA Yelyzaveta 44850 Female
256 UKR Senior gymnast IVANENKO Viktoriia 47328 Female
257 UKR Senior gymnast KULINII Kateryna 44700 Female
258 UKR Junior gymnast LASHCHEVSKA Anna 50946 Female
259 UKR Junior gymnast ZUBKOVA Anastasiia 55684 Female
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