Worlds judging - routine construction

So, knowing what we know now about the Olympic judging this year, do we think this will impact the routines that the girls in the running for worlds will show at the worlds selection camp?

Are both GAGE girls going for Worlds? You’d think Al Fong would look to change their routines up in the light of what we know.

I doubt Fong will change their routines of his own decision. It will only be if the routines of the whole national team are examined in light of how they were judged at the Olympics. The fact that the two GAGE gymnasts were not judged by any Olympic panel makes it unlikely their coaches will do anything about it, they’ve been making the same mistakes for years. Also, Jess’ comments about trying to persuade Suni to remove the double tuck suggests it’s not always that simple!

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Given we’ve had 5 years of gymnasts from all over the world constructing indefensible routines, it’s hard for me to imagine that changing overnight for worlds…

But it wouldnt take much for ONE coach out there to start thinking intelligibly and set a new standard. Nina and maybe Ellie black seem like the only ones who have figured it out. And finally Suni taking out the double tuck, that was gold… But shes going to college so she doesn’t really have a chance to set a new trend. Even Sanne struggled under this code, and the Chinese completely fell apart, when the beam code was made for them.

Somebody please, for the love of god, choose good music and make smart artistic choreo, eliminate useless elements and hard hit leaps… it’s not rocket science, USE the code to your advantage. How is this not the first thing the NTC does???

They need to have a look at Derwael. Yes her huge D score on bars gives her an advantage, but her D scores elsewhere are very modest for this level. She came 6th AA? She’s now first reserve for floor final and outscored all the US girls bar Simone and Jade


Following the Derwael-model requires the judges to CONTINUE applying the deductions. We were all surprised by the scores this Olympics because it seemed to come out of nowhere that they actually read the code. Like when they did at 2017 Worlds but then they…kinda stopped again for a few years. So do you construct your routine to emphasize form and then have them just start handing out 8s to everyone no matter what they did, or do you go for difficulty and hope they do just give everyone 8s and you benefit? The different federations need to demand consistency in judging - either be lenient when difficulty is high or be harsh across the board. And obviously figure out what can be done so that moving a toe on landing isn’t the same deduction as taking a step or jump.


I find it adorable that you think Al is going to bow down to reality :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Aren’t the GAGE girls heading to college? In fact, aren’t all the US gymnasts, minus Simone and Kayla? There’s gonna be a team of rookies for Worlds. That will be fun. No sarcasm. I really think it will be.

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Wong has another year of high school.

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She graduated in May.