Worlds 2021- WAG prelims

Day 1 lineups are out

Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique (

Mostly pretty much as expected. The US are using DiCello and Wong for the AA, thankfully. Konnor will do vault and beam, eMjae bars and floor. I get that, actually. Obviously the US showing eMjae’s bars on the world stage is going to be very… something, but it’s not like Konnor was going to get through a routine. And as there’s a good chance the US are going to want Konnor vaulting in TF and/or the AA final next year, it makes sense for her to take the opportunity to get experience doing her DTY at worlds.

Interestingly China will only have one AAer and just two are doing vault: Wei Xiaoyuan and Qi Qi. I know there was some speculation about this.

For Italy, the D’Amato twins are both doing AA. Iorio is sitting out floor. For GB, Becky is only UB/BB and the other two will do AA so no surprises there.

Glad sanity prevailed and Konnor won’t be doing floor. She looked like a major injury waiting to happen. Which is not to say I’m remotely excited about eMjae on floor.

I just realized: is this the first individual worlds where federations have all their gymnasts in the same session?! No more reading the tea leaves to figure out who is favored more based on which session they get placed in. (I have pretty much zero recollection of Montreal, so maybe I’m wrong)


Montreal was the first time they team rotated together.

This was always the plan going in. Li Shijia is still returning from injury so no AA. It was possible Luo Rui could do AA but her chances at bars and beam medals are much stronger than an AA medal. With Wei Xiaoyuan doing AA that left Qi Qi with the only option of doing VT/FX.

Would have been interesting if Frags had been put in for beam and resulted in the awkward “who gets to do prelims beam?” perenial GB WAG question.

It’s a real shame. But so is the USA putting Frazier up on bars and floor, to be honest. Thank God the judges only have a side view of the bars.

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Would that we were all going to be so fortunate.


The early plan was Wei and Luo would both do AA

Here we go!

Good luck finding coverage. FIG isn’t streaming qualification. I think maybe Gymcastic will be live-tweeting.

ETA: via Lauren, you can try this

Gymcastic is indeed providing quick hits via Twitter and on their website:

Live scores:


BBS doing a separate quick hits as well:


Thank for the links!

Wei Xiaoyuan and Li Shijia both fell on beam. Because of course they did.


LSJ fell on bars too. Probably no finals for her

Quick question: are countries limited to two gymnasts per event in qualifications? Asking after seeing the two falls from China on beam.

3 per in qualifications


Thank you! And Luo hit! Good news to end the day.

That strong start on bars for Wei got our hopes up, only to see it all come crashing down. First beam, now floor:

Things just got WAY more exciting: Urazova is on the start list for AA!


Good for Luo Rui?