Worlds 2021 US Selection Camp (October 8-11)


Apparently will be held at a Camp on Oct 7-10.

And might be streamed on Flo.

Any tidbits? News or gossip?


Glad they updated/changed the dates and that they leave for Japan from camp, prepare there, then do Worlds. The last US elite calendar I saw had selection a month before Worlds.

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Who from the US is likely to be in contention? Everyone seems to be taking a break or off to college. Kayla? Konnor?

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I have a feeling we’ll end up sending 3 AAers like in 2013. We haven’t seen Tom make an individual world selection before. I don’t think the # of finals/medals will change whether we send 2 event specialists instead of a 3rd AAer, but I suppose it’ll depend whether USAG wants to maximize the # of girls with international experience.

Outside of DiCello/McClain, I imagine Amari Drayton, Shilese Jones, and Skye Blakely (what’s her status after that vault crash??) being in contention for an AA spot. Zoe Miller and Ciena Alipio might be sent for UB/BB respectively. Jones is the only non-retiring elite to have competed a 2nd vault this season, but it was only a 4.2 (tsuk tuck 1/1 I think?).

IIRC Hurd mentioned earlier this year that she wanted to compete at worlds. I wonder if that’s changed in light of her meltdown at nationals.

If I were Leanne Wong, I’d stick around for Worlds. She could easily be AA WC if it weren’t for Al and Armine.


Chellsie hasn’t counted it out, I don’t think.

Wong could be a lot of things if it weren’t for Al and Armine. There is no reason for her not to be World champion and Olympic medalist already.

We will probably never know the full extent now, as we are now in a GAGE gymnast’s second quad as a senior elite. Can’t think of any names that have ever been relevant as such before except technically Dowell, who was a baby at 2012 Trials.


Did we ever find out the extent of Skye Blakely’s injury?

I could have sworn it was a torn achilles.

ETA: Here is a comment indicating that it was achilles, but this was right after it happened so there might be some updated info:


She was actually walking around with the rest of the gymnasts on day two of Trials. You can see her in the footage of them going backstage to wait for the decision. And I think later there was a picture on social media with had a cast on her arm?

Which is to say, I don’t know.


I’m pretty sure I read Skye had surgery on her elbow and didn’t Konnor also have surgery?


In golden right after konner moves to WIGA her mom calls a surgeon. But it wasn’t discussed in week 6 if I remember correctly.


Ok thanks, that must have been where I saw it.

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She would have to withdraw from doing Simone’s tour to do Worlds.

I noticed that Jordan is listed as doing the tour also. Does that mean she and Morgan won’t go to college until January?

If both Hurd and Chiles decide to accept the tour money, they will not be NCAA eligible and will be considered professional. The new NCAA rules allow for a gymnast to profit off image and likeness but they cannot get paid for performance. Performing at Simone’s Tour and getting paid for it would eliminate their NCAA eligibility.

Generally most Olympians tend to enter NCAA in January IIRC. Ross and Kocian did, as well as Ray and Dantzscher in 2001 and Humphrey in January 2005.

Honestly a part of me hopes Hurd will accept payment. I don’t think her elbows will hold up for 4 years of NCAA. I guess it depends on if she takes a medical and that way her college is still paid for (and if that’s a route she even wants to take). And if she’s changed her mind on Florida anyway she could just go pro now and get some of that $$ and experience anyway.

Jordan has been clear that she still has every intention of competing for UCLA, so I think she’s just going on the tour because she and Simone are close and it seems like a fun experience.

Morgan, however, has been cagey about competing NCAA for a while so I think it’s very up in the air for her. Though, not making the Olympic team might’ve made her more inclined towards NCAA. I remember on Golden, she and Suni were talking on the phone and Morgan basically said she’d decide regarding NCAA depending on whether she made the Olympic team.

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I think she would be fine in NCAA. She doesn’t need to vault or do bars. She can easily step into an Alyssa Baumann situation. Her BB could have very few elements that harm her elbow, and she can easily do a side aerial into gainer full or a gainer off the end of beam. She can also figure out NCAA tumbling without using too much elbow. A running punch double twisting front, FHS front full, front layout, and a layout front immediate rudi would give her a 10.0 sv with her typical leaps.
She could add back vault and bars in time if it is safe to do so.

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Yes, so clearly an elbow sprain (or something to do with her arm) and not an Achilles tear. No way she would be weight-bearing two days after.

One should never trust anything Lauren Hopkins says.


What if they go to all the tours but just sign autographs and run around in the crowd.

Just don’t do any cartwheels …!

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