Worlds 2021 - Podium Training

Let’s hope videos may start appearing soon?

It’s so strange the lack of media. It’s like it IS a city championships after all.


I wonder if media is being allowed? It doesn’t seem like gymnastics twitter people are there in person.

Gymcastic will be there, I believe. I’m guessing a lot of the gymnastics bloggers that did Tokyo are out of budget for the year

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Gymcastic is live-blogging podium training right now.


Jessica just tweeted completely deadpan that QiQi just did a triple full punch front 1/4.

Is she kidding or…?

I’m glad to hear someone is live-blogging. That adds some excitement.

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And they say Deanna is filming, so there will be at least some podium training videos


Maybe that was on purpose after all? I just thought she was under rotating her triple throughout nationals.


Quarter twist or flip?

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Gymcastic are adding videos to their Youtube channel now.

Kayla DiCello (USA) Balance Beam - 2021 World Championships - Podium Training - YouTube

Twist! But we know the judges won’t evaluate it like that…

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Leannes floor looked rough. Biffed Double L (I can’t remember her foot looking that flexed before). Really crunched Silivas.


Questionably rotated whip triple.


Huge lunch break in the corner before a downgraded 2.5 punch pike front.

That would score high 7s max.

And to top it all off, she’s channeling major Jen Gadirova vibes before her mount:


I like her gymnastics and I hope this is just tiredness / jetlag. But she looks tired. It’s been a LONG season.

Plus - the floor sounds hard as fuck.


Kayla looks much better.

Going down to 3 passes - finally the coaches are listening.

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Well, one coach is listening. Wong and Fraizer are still doing 4-pass routines, and it sounds like McClain is, too.

And this doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in the US’s illustrious NTC and Fearless Leader™

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All the Gymcastic videos are here:

There’s a couple clips on this channel.

If you head over to Gelya’s Instagram stories, she answers some of the issues they’re having with the equipment. The translate feature helps a little.

Anyone else not sure about Konnor’s layout?

I’m just not sure about Konnor, period. She didn’t hit a single routine today. (Vault doesn’t count)

Quick hit from her floor:

Stuck full-in layout, but piked down a lot, nice double layout with step back OOB, back 3/2 to front 1/1, tour jete 1/2, falls out of her wolf turn, (Valeri is rubbing his head), and then Valeri steps in to spot the double pike dismount which she sits.


I was sort of assuming she wouldn’t do floor anyway. It’s a difficult one though. The rationale for taking her rather than Olivia is obvious, it makes sense to take the risk at an individual worlds. Whether it’s the best thing for Konnor in the longer term is the more complex question.