Winter Cup Junior Women

Sunday! 12:00, on Flo (booooo).

Live results:

Charlotte Booth
Madray Johnson
Katelyn Jong
Levi Jung-Ruivivar
Kaliya Lincoln
Nola Matthews
Zoey Molomo
Ella Kate Parker
Michelle Pineda
Autumn Reingold
Joscelyn Roberson
Paloma Spiridonova
Ashlee Sullivan
Tiana Sumanasekera
Lucy Tobia

This will be interesting because I don’t know many of these juniors.

Shame it will be on FLO.

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Too bad I won’t be able to actually watch any of this competition (still not over it).

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I refuse to watch that evil site providing bad quality coverage and demanding a hell of a bunch too much money I am ready to part with for bad coverage… might have considered it IF not for the principle of not supporting child porn poster/supporters…
■■■■ FLO, ■■■■ USAG…


I refuse to watch on that site. Hoping someone will do quick hits on one of the blogs. There are quite a few names I know.


More power to you all, and they won’t be getting a penny (cent?) off me either.

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I’m really hoping someone uploads a magical video somewhere with a super sneaky private link they share with me. Hint hint.

Hey, a girl can dream. Flo isn’t getting my $.


I would hate this. Somebody from this board should absolutely not record the flo stream and share it via DM with me. That would be horrible and I would never encourage such behavior.


You’re right. it would be terrible.


Spencer of BBS will be I think

I, for one, would be aghast at such naughty pirating behavior. It would be just terrible if someone dmed me the coverage


Well a real shame that nobody, who knows, will be able to watch all the new juniors. Imagine all the families and friends lured into paying f l o to watch.

Quick hits will be nice.

Many things make me mad about the flo deal, but this is one of the ones that makes me the MOST mad. No matter how much of the gymternet refuses to pay, it will be moot, because there’s a whole class of parents of young gymnasts who are basically being forced to pay ransom to this horrible company if they ever want to see their children compete. It’s very easy for me to be principled when this isn’t the only way for my 12 year old junior elite’s grandmother to ever watch her in competition. Ugh. Every time I think about it I get more and more mad.

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Plus these people do not know the history of Gymnasike, the name change was convenient, and USAG sure are not mentioning their dirty secrets.

When I look at the Junior roster:

i dont know her mariah carey GIF


USAG has done Maroney dirty so many times. Plus who knows what is in her non-disclosure…she might not even be able to speak out against them bc of USAG.


I truly don’t know a single junior lmao time flies

I don’t know most of the juniors, either, but there are a couple of names I know.

Jong was added to the national team and competed at Gymnix right before Covid shut everything down.

Jung-Ruivivar has been a junior elite forever. She had beautiful lines, but fell a lot and lacked difficulty. She moved to TCT in fall 2019, so I am VERY curious to see how she looks.

I saw Paloma Spiridonova’s bar routine from the WOGA classic and she was a Nastia clone, right down the the flatter than flat tkatchev, whippy pak, and toe shoot transition.

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Things kick off at noon on Flo (boooooo).

Live scores:

I have barely even read these names anywhere.