Winter Cup 2024

In addition Kentucky Winter Classic, a new competition, was announced on Gymnastics Now. It’s an invitational meet for men’s and women’s artistic athletes up to level 10. It will also serve as the final qualifier for the Nastia Liukin Cup, with two women’s gymnasts qualifying from the event to the Nastia Liukin Cup that same weekend.

I don’t think they should use Kentucky’s abbreviation in the title. :eyes:

Well if those vault and bars are slippery, we’ll know why.

mhm they should go for Ken instead. it’s the zeitgeist


They have done a similar thing before in Greensboro- held the GGI meet the same week as the NLC and (at that time) American Cup. It was also the last qualifier for the NLC. They held the level ten sessions on like Tuesday or Wednesday instead of Saturday.

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Huh, turns out the problem wasn’t Gymnova after all.

Literally the first thing I thought. Never title a Gymnastics competition using Kentucky’s abbreviation :flushed: