Will HE never go away (nassar trigger warning)

Was Penny offering jobs to the agent? Or was the agent asking about it. I am sure it was the latter.
Penny did not have the authority to offer anyone a job with the USOC and no ability to get this agent a job there.

In this case it was Penny who did the right thing by reporting the suspected abuse to the FBI and it was the FBI who sat on it. I doubt it was any malice, I am pretty sure it was just Field Agents dropping the ball, getting distracted by other cases etc etc

Look, many government agencies are notoriously incompetent and lazy and while the FBI is usually better than most , some of their Field offices are really just not on the ball and certainly some of their agents drop the ball on all sorts of investigations. Its terrible but its true.

Whenever I have to deal with ANY government entity in my own work for some reason I typically have to follow up on things so many times that its maddening. Unless you sit on them nothing ever gets followed up on. Its a fact. Sad but a fact.

This is an incredibly damming story. It sure sounds like the fbi allowed many more girls to be assaulted through both incompetence and lies.

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DOJ’s full report here: https://oig.justice.gov/reports/investigation-and-review-federal-bureau-investigations-handling-allegations-sexual-abuse

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Their lies were after the fact. To cover their failure to investigate. That’s important to take note of. The FBI dropped the ball for sure. But I seriously doubt it had anything to do with not taking the story seriously. The FBI generally takes sex crimes seriously. But Field Officers can be overwhelmed, overworked, lazy and incompetent. And that is a fact.

My impression was that Penny brought up the job to one of the agents.

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I have very rarely seen law enforcement take sex crimes seriously, to be honest.


What law enforcement agencies are you referring to? Have you dealt with the FBI in this area?

No. I know people who have though. And I don’t think you can look at the stats on rape convictions and think LEOs take sex abuse seriously.

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Just because something is hard to prosecute successfully does not mean law enforcement doesn’t take it seriously


Are you unfamiliar with what woman experience when they report sex crimes?


Jeez, that’s a pretty loaded question. And you know what the answer is going to be.

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If they did not take the allegations serious, without investigating, they are, incompetent. It is the freaking FBI… they do not get to decide what they take seriously, they must investigate to make SURE if it is or is not serious…

It really gets to me how many agencies did not investigate. Meaning the college, local police, campus police, USAG’s long delays, and the FBI.

I think MSU was perhaps the most egregious


Link: https://www.rollingstone.com/culture/culture-features/jane-turner-fbi-whistleblower-child-abuse-nassar-1199724/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

According to Jane Turner, a 25-year FBI agent-turned-whistleblower who reported the mishandling of crimes against children on American Indian reservations in North Dakota, the FBI’s failures in the Nassar case are, unfortunately, not unique. Turner believes the breakdown comes from a lack of training in handling these kinds of cases, a lack of oversight when things do get handled badly, and a lack of interest on the part of a majority white and male staff who, according to Turner, would rather be working more glamorous assignments. “They don’t give a shit about kids or young people,” she says. “They’re just not that proficient in sex abuse. They can do the pornography, that kind of thing, but for really getting into it….It’s not high on their list of give-a-shits.”

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That’s awful. Of course, I’ve realized over the past 22 years that the USA doesn’t give a shit about children in general.

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What a bad time for this to come out.


It’s amazing and enraging how child predators are constantly protected.

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wow - totally speechless the federal government sent him Covid stimulus checks for $2000 and he doesn’t need to pay victims more than $100 a year between all of them!


Can you cut and paste the story I’m not subbed to