Why don't male gymnasts do leaps?

Article by Dvora Myers.

Written after Australian Heath Thorpe posted a video of himself doing a leap (shown in article).

Dance elements have really ruined WAG FX and to a lesser extent BB in the last 20 years. While I would love to see them in MAG (I’m obsessed with the above), I don’t trust the the powers that be to make their inclusion worthy.


I mean it could easily be an option to substitute for these weak ass double twist side passes. If they do a nice, big leap, like the one in the vid they can get a C once. And if they do a full-twisting crotch smash a la produnova I’d give E credit


Most MAG don’t have the split flexibility for most leaps, and at least in the US, split flexibility is not a point of emphasis for MAG. So many top level 10s, especially in my region, cannot do a proper split to save their lives, but it doesn’t have much impact on the skills needed to be successful. Haven’t had a chance to read Dvora’s article, but at least in the US, it’s definitely got something to do with homo/femme-phobia. Most people in the US still consider gymnastics a “women’s” sport, and male gymnasts in my experience tend to double down on the macho-ness as a result.

I agree w/Jack. The WTC has been emphasizing difficulty in dance skills, when they should instead be evaluating them based on originality, flexibility, and connection to the routine/music. If they were to be incorporated into MAG, we’d just see them prance across the floor for a tourjete with as many revolutions as possible, split position be damned. Unless done like Thorpe, it’s not going to make MAG FX anymore aesthetically appealing.


In the US I doubt many men would do them.

Since as I noted elsewhere today I consider gymnastics to celebrate the art of movement, in general, I would love this to be an option. However I agree that the emphasis on making everything as hard as possible while making it useless to do non-counting easier skills make it unlikely that would end well. Men’s floor may be the most eggregious recent example of this, with four passes back-to-back and almost no additional skills now the norm. I love watching the creative routines from the 80’s when artistry was encouraged.