Who Was the Best at Certain Skills or Qualities?

Who Was the Best at Certain Skills or Qualities?

Feel free to copy and paste the following to give your responses. Answer as many or as few as you’d like.

You may give more than one answer for each. Feel free to add your own skills and qualities.

Front Layout:
Front Layout Half:
Lo Rudi:
Tsuk 1/1:
Tsuk 2/1:
Most Height:
Most Distance:
Best Block:

Best Swing:
Piked Gienger:
Lo Gienger:
Straddled tkatchev:
Piked tkatchev:
Straddle Jaeger:
Piked Jaeger:
Lo Jaeger:
Bi pirouette/Ono:
Double Layout:
Double Layout 1/1:

Switch Ring:
Standing Tucked 1/1:
Tucked 1/1:
Lo 1/1:
Full turn:
Double Pike:
Tucked 1/1 Double:

Best Dance:
Double Lo:
1/1 Double Tuck:
1/1 Double Pike:
Double Layout 1/1:
2/1 Double Tuck:
Double Front Tuck:
Double Front Pike:

FTY: 1) Laschenova 2) Zamarripa 3) Miller
Y-1.5: Gogean, Ross, Taylor Houchin
DTY: Cheng Fei, Hatch, Amanar, Agrapides, Tricase
Amanar: 1) Maroney 2) Biles 3) Cheng Fei 4) Andrade 5) Wieber
Front Layout: Yang Yun
Front Layout Half: Yang Yun and Denise Lopez
McIntosh: they all suck
Lo Rudi: Sacramone, Atler, Steingruber
Tucked Rudi: Adrienne Varga
Lopez: Biles
Mustafina: Maroney
Cheng: 1) Biles 2) Andrade
Tsuk 1/1: Retton
Tsuk-1.5: Marissa King?
Tsuk 2/1: Zamo, Carey
Most Height: Maroney
Most Distance: Retton
Best Block: Maroney

Best Swing: 1)Komova 2) Dantzscher
Fastest: Teza, Lin Li
Piked Gienger: 1) Maroney 2) Dantzscher
Lo Gienger: Nastia
Straddled tkatchev: Tricase, Douglas
Piked tkatchev:
Straddle Jaeger: Fan Di
Piked Jaeger:
Lo Jaeger:
Deltchev: Piskun
Bi pirouette/Ono: Bi Wenjing
Double Layout: Ashley Sledge
Double Layout 1/1: Ray

Switch Ring: Pavlova
Onodi: Ling Jie, Li Ya
Standing Tucked 1/1:
Tucked 1/1: Ban
Lo 1/1: Kui, Ban
Full turn: Mo Huilan
Cartwheel: Moceanu
Double Pike: Biles, Sacramone, Memmel
Tucked 1/1 Double: 1) Biles 2) Gurova 3) Laschenova

Best Dance: Boguinskaia
Double Lo: 1) Biles 2) Bontas/Thomas
1/1 Double Tuck:
Double Pike: Joanna Sampson, Chusovitina
Double Layout 1/1: 1) Biles, 2) Bontas/Chusovitina
2/1 Double Tuck: 1) Biles, 2) Cheng Fei
Moors: Biles
3/1: Sacramone, Cheng Fei
3.5: Maroney
Double Front Tuck: Ivana Hong
Double Front Pike: Dowell

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Great thread, here’s a couple you didn’t fill in yet that came to mind quickly:

Piked Gienger: Maroney
3.5 Twist: Maroney

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1.5TY - Taylor Houchin

Deltchev - Daria Bijak

Standing full - Douglas
LO 1/1 - Kui/Ban
Full-in dismount - Biles

DLO - Thomas
Pike full-in - Sloan
3/1 - Alex McMurtry, even with the leg form


Thanks, I think I agree with both of those!

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My favorite Onodi is Li Ya’s, by far! :heart:

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Answering the ones I can think of off the top of my head right now

Amanar: McKayla Maroney
Front Layout: Yang Yun
Most Height: Maroney again

Lo Gienger: Nastia Liukin
Piked tkatchev: Gabby Douglas for the air she got
Lo Jaeger: Luo Rui or He Kexin

Switch Ring: Nadezhda Ivanova had a pretty good one from what I remember
Standing Tucked 1/1: Gabby Douglas, you already know
Lo 1/1: Kui Yuanyuan

Best Dance: Shantessa Pama
Double Layout 1/1: Chuso
Moors: Moors I suppose. We haven’t had enough gymnasts perform this skill
Double Front Tuck: Ivana Hong

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Standing Arabian: Komova/Nia Dennis. Dennis is the most explosive and she lands the most upright I’ve ever seen. I loved the way Komova slid out of the landing into the lunge. Most other Arabians are too squatty in the landing for me or cheat the technique.

Nia Dennis - Balance Beam - 2013 Secret U.S. Classic - YouTube (0:32)

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Standing Arabian: Katya Lobaznyuk. It was great- you had time to make a cup of tea before it


I’ve wondered why she always had such a long pause before her Arabian, like she needed to psyche herself up to perform the skill each time. She performed it well, so it’s curious that she didn’t seem so confident.

It was even more egregious when she made it her series in 2001…

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I remember that one. Took a full lunch break there.

Wow, i thought you guys were exaggerating, but nope, that was more than the typical coffee break.

I had to go back and count that…a 16 second preparation. Legendary.

longest preparation should be a category


I’ll have to do this, looks fun. But Beamer, how could you do this?

left blank??
WOGymnastika: Aliya Mustafina Comforts Crying Tatiana Nabieva (GIF)
also MDJDS

Thanks, YurchenkoLoop! I’m continuing to fill in my own picks based partly on other people’s picks jogging my memory. The more good suggestions, the better.:sparkles:

From memory, Nabieva’s is the biggest and coolest looking but it’s also kind of messy, so I’m still undecided at the moment.

For best Yurchenko loop, would it kill you if I went with Li Li over Yurchenko? :joy:

I can’t for the life of me think of a tucked 1/1 without deductions. Simone? This code has killed me.

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IIRC Tia Orlando tried to do a front double pike as the last of four passes, but it was always pretty tucked. And didn’t Veronica Wagner also do one?

Makra Noémi :slight_smile:

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