What's next for Rebeca Andrade?

Although she didn’t win the all around, to me Andrade was the breakout gymnast of the Games. She finally started to fulfil her immense talent and she learnt what it feels like to win. With Biles and Lee seemingly unlikely to compete over the next 18 months at least, she has an opportunity if she can remain fit and continue to progress. Where does she need to improve and how good can she become now that she has finally tasted major success?


I would love to see her win AA and qualify to all 4 EFs at worlds this year and dominate the Paris quad.

I’d say the only thing she and her coaches need to do is keep her healthy. Beam is her “weakest” event, but she was getting mid-high 13s in Tokyo, so there’s not really much that needs to be changed there. Perhaps increase the acro difficulty, or bring back the full-in dismount, but I’d rather her stay healthy. She’s the complete package imo, and I doubt any of the remaining US elites will come close to her in the AA this next quad.


She said she wants to compete at worlds this year.
Will they have to change routines to fit the new COP?
First of all they should work on that first tumbling pass on fx. If she cant keep in bounds then it should go.

I would love for her to go to worlds and be successful! I always like when a silver medalist comes back to the next comp and wins gold
I wonder if she tried other variations of the front full like the front full to double layout to stay in bounds if it continues to be an issue

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I think the new COP starts in 2022 this time


yes, January

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Do u think if she adds a stag jump would solve it?
I mean regarding the direction of the movement, stag jump (up) would avoid her from going backwards?

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Given the track record of Barbosa and Hypolito, I’m assuming we will keep seeing her and Saraiva for quite some time. I hope they can keep her knees healthy.

the front full starts way too far into the mat (think for example where Aly started her 1’5). I would think the best would be if they could find a front pass for her to do on its own and do the Andrade (1 1/2 tuck) to jump or something

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I want her to go to worlds and be succesfull, after that please choose a good NCAA college and compete there!!

Flavia had surgery.

I agree but she struggles so much with injuries that I would settle for her having a dominant worlds in 2021.

It was so glorious to see her go basically 4 for 4 in the Tokyo AA after all of those years of injuries.

She’s 22 already, I can’t see that happening even if her English is good enough.

She is also huge in Brazil after Tokyo. If she isn’t pro already, I’d be surprised if she doesn’t take advantage of all of the financial opportunities about to come her way.