What will Simone do after gymnastics?

After the Tour / Paris 2024 / presumably a Book / etc etc … what do we think Simone will do with her life?

It seems like Aly is forging her path as a public speaker / advocate. Potentially with a view to seeking roles on athlete councils, sports organisations etc.

Same for Simone?

I can’t see her going into coaching or judging.

I think Aly is trying to lay the groundwork for a career in media. With an eye also on politics.

But frankly, if they are both smart they should do some basic stuff first. Like go to college maybe.


They are both currently obtaining/have obtained higher education degrees.

Raisman is a graduate of Babson College, a private business school which was 10-15 minutes commute from home. Babson has been rated #1 entrepreneurship undergraduate degree for 25 years in a row by US News and World Report. https://entrepreneurship.babson.edu/babson-number-one-entrepreneurship/?_ga=2.34411105.1596891503.1632852307-1104976102.1632852307

Biles is attending the University of the People which is entirely online degree acquisition. https://www.uopeople.edu/about/worldwide-recognition/press-releases/simone-biles-joins-education-revolution/

I do not think Aly even came close to graduating from Babson. I think she took a few courses there.

As far as University of the People goes, I doubt its graduates have tremendous success. Surely Simone can do better than a free, online, open admissions college. Lets get real.

Its a competitive world. A few years will pass and even Simone will no longer be in great demand commercially. Get a real education girls and build a solid basis for a great future beyond gymnastics.


Aly definitely did not graduate from Babson. And as far as I know, is not currently taking any classes at Babson or anywhere else.

As to University of the People…lulz. (also, is she currently enrolled?) You can’t find the name of a single faculty member on their site. Eek.


She should get a business degree and open a pet daycare.

Simone texted Cecile saying “2024?” Cecile said, “Unfinished business?” Simone: “Maybe.”

I doubt Simone is going to come back, with that said however. Simone is a big enough name that she can probably forge a career as ‘Simone Biles’ if she so chooses. Endorsements, commentating, speaking opportunities, etc. Nadia and MLR have both done this, arguably Nastia has done this as well.

Aly…I think should finish her education.

Pretty sure Shawn Johnson as well


But even if she could – why limit yourself this way? This is one aspect of this sport that I just find so depressing. And it is why I so admire athletes like Amy Chow and Kerri Strug who got real educations and built real post gymnastic careers, instead of going on DWTS and making podcasts.


You mean after LA2028?? We’ll seeee…

Simone will be fine she will probably be an influencer or something. If MLR, Nastia, Gabby and Shawn can make a career of just being themselves I’m sure Simone can.


College and a “real career” is not right for everyone. Simone’s parents seem to be smart, level headed people who have done a good job raising her. I’m sure she will be fine in whatever she chooses to do post gymnastics.


I find it really disappointing that Simone would go the “for profit online university route”. Terrible example for others. Before I retired as a teacher we started seeing a lot of our assistants going for these degrees some of them even getting “Masters” degrees. They did not come out learned and could not pass content exams for teaching certification. They also came out with ridiculous amounts of student loan debt (six figures).

Meanwhile you can become a Teacher with the community college/state college route for under 20k.

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I agree. But when the overwhelming majority of athletes in a sport which has an average retirement age in the early to mid 20s choose to become “influencers” for a living instead of, lets say, teachers or astronauts or nurses or surgeons, I am sorry but something is very wrong. And its very sad.


I mean, it’s just the modern day Wheaties Box.

I don’t have a problem with it if it’s reasonably ethical and not some MLM scheme.

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Lysenko tops this list though. Didn’t she study law in the US? Hi I’m a fucking double Olympic champion studying law in my second language. Get outta here. She probably DTYs her way into the courtroom


Phoebe Mills also went into law.

University of the People sounds like it probably has a guy named Jim Jones running it.


I am not questioning the ethics of it. I am just extremely sad that these uber talented, hard working, smart, once ambitious young women seem to lose direction as soon as their gymnastics careers are over. If either of my sons had come home and told me that their great ambition in life was to make podcasts and be influencers, I would have gone through the roof. This is a big world with endless opportunity to contribute and leave your mark. Not to mention have satisfying work. Something is really just plain wrong here.


It isn’t just gymnastics though, its basically a whole generation. When getting a good education and decent career (teaching was mentioned as an example) will only net you a lower middle class life if you are lucky (few luxuries, always waiting to see what insurance cost will nearly bankrupt you this year, unaffordable housing, etc), why not take the chance that you’ll “win the lottery” and become a famous influencer?

I feel like Simone could be an Athleta spokeswoman for quite a few years. There doesn’t seem to be the pressure to produce new results or be dropped with that company, unlike Nike. Maybe she’ll get to design her own line for them, or something.

(I think Aly is going to need a degree of some sort if she wants to go into politics.)