Weiler Full

Looks like Godwin is going to get there first:

It’s only taken over 10 years. No idea why people have such a fixation with this skill. Wow, someone added an extra 1/2 turn to a pirouette. Said no gymnastics fan ever. Imagine people getting excited in the 90s because Khorkina added an extra 1/2 turn to a stalder :joy:

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I think it’s just because it was Biles that kept submitting it as a just in case skill. That’s a rare motivation. Also people wanted her to get a skill named on every event.

But Biles hated bars. Genuinely hated them. If having a named element on every piece was something that was important to her, she had ample opportunity to do the weiler full.

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I don’t think it was important to her, when I said people I meant it was important to some of the gymternet.

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Yes but the makes no sense. Why would fans be so invested in someone that clearly wasn’t important to Simone

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It’s like you don’t know us at all

I do, I just find many of you emotionally over-invested and void of rationality. At times.

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But isn’t that the point of the internet?


Which comment are you referring to here?

They did get excited? Khorkina and Chow - for whom the Stalder 1.5 was named for at the time - received praise throughout the 1994-2000 period for their use of stalders and pirouettes at a time when a Giant 1/1 was a D element, and close-bar skills were seldom seen.

Since when do gymnastics fans not get excited over new skills, period? Excluding Amy Chow’s failed attempt at the 2000 U.S. Classic, the Weiler kip itself is only ~15 years old in WAG. Since 2009 and more-so 2013, the event has moved further and further away from pirouettes and non-flight elements in forward grip, which this skill has both of. Nearly all innovation on the event in recent years has been in the form of Tkatchev-type elements in different body shapes and with/without “1/2 turns.”

Fans were similarly excited over Semenova’s “1/2 turn” added onto an in-bar 1/1 back in 2009, and I’d love to see skills like an endo 1.5, forward sole-circle 1.5, jam / “Luo” with 1/2 turn, etc.

Had she competed it during the 2017 - 2021 COP, she’d have earned the same CV for the Weiler 1/1 + Piked Jaeger as the Pak + Shap 1/2 connections that had become almost compulsory.


I really miss seeing pirouettes performed with more of a “healy” type of technique, however. Back in the 1997-2000 quad, for example, you’d see both 1.5 pirouettes to mixed/el-grip, and forward full pirouettes done with release of the arm, and it just looks so much smoother that way. I never understood why Khorkina, for example, changed her 1.5 pirouette from the “healy” technique in 2003; and, she ultimately ended up collapsing on the skill in Athens EF despite having never had any problems with it prior to the change. :frowning:


LOL, yeah, I agree: adding a half turn to a stalder full DID get a lot of attention and praise back in the mid 90s.

I saw this exercise by Godwin the other day and thought “Oh, so the Weiler full DID get into the code already. Okay, I’m late to the party.” I guess I wasn’t after all!

I think it’s safe to say we’re all thinking about you 🫶🏼

Ugh yeah i really miss 1.5 pirouettes and i had forgotten the semenova :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ha I don’t see my excited comment!

Georgia Godwin successfully compete the weiler full at the Israel World Challenge Cup, so its officially the Godwin.


Is it an E?


I think it looks cool