Week 5 recap

Here’s the recap from CGA for week 5.

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What is the Arizona State vs ACTTeam rebranding issue/controversy?

This is the 1st I’ve heard of it, too.

I knew they had a new logo this year, and had heard they were “rebranding.” But not sure what the impetus for this was.

To separate themselves from the other Arizona entities? To make their mission more clear or expand it? I wonder.

“Arizona Men’s Gymnastics, in the midst of a rebranding effort to evade Arizona State University athletic department policies”

It sounds as if it’s being driven by the University.

It could be some type of school policy regarding student run clubs.

The Arizona team has many members that aren’t affiliated with Arizona State. They can even be going to a trade school somewhere in Arizona.

This is just a guess.

And there was this controversy


Recap of Nebraska/Penn St. meet by Akash Modi.

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