WAG All-Around Battle: Who makes the top 3?

I thought that Simone, if she controls her power would win hands down. But her landings on vault and floor, make me think that the judges might really hammer her. Who has the best chance of surpassing her, if there are errors? Rebeca really is looking lovely, but she sometimes gives away tenths. Melnikova or Urazova could do it, MDJS as well.

I think whoever makes the least amount of mistakes.

I think Suni has to be mentioned here, having outscored Simone on day two of Trials

I’m worried about her vaulting. It looks crunched every time she has done it. If she had more time to heal or not been injured at all, I think things would look different.

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I can see Simone being hammered again if she does more bouncing right off the mat, but she does have a very easy workaround available to her which is to do the Amanar not the Cheng. She basically never gets less than 9.6 for it, so that would add over four tenths to her lead from prelims and take her over 58. Can’t envisage any of the chasing pack getting into the 58s myself.

In terms of the minor medals, I think what happens today will have a huge impact. If ROC do pull off the gold, we could see a situation like 1996 where the Americans didn’t really have enough left in the tank after the vast emotional and physical upheaval they’d experienced.

I’d love for melnikova and andrade to medal. Simone is evidently head and shoulders above them so I’m hoping she has a good competition, i really want the Olympic champion to do 4 clean routines


Oh and melanie of course! In an ideal world ties would be valid and andrade, gelya and melanie would tie for 2/3

Well, the battle is not so cut and dry now. Now we have Andrade and Lee battling for gold and potentially a Russian either coming through with an ace in her hand or completely melting down. Both are likely.

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We’ll see if Listunova is substituted. I really think she could win if they put her in.

I am still upset by Aly as an AA silver medalist, I really couldn’t handle Jade as an AA medalist especially after the last few days


There ar enough gymnasts to have a pretty decent podium before we go to jade, frankly, even though i wish her the best for vt/fx.

What about tan xijing? I really know too little of her but at least she looks very reliable


Aly should not have gotten the opportunity to do AA in Rio prelims. Even an ab injured Laurie Hernandez was the better choice. And I’m am still pissed about how Aly’s UB score was that close to Gabby’s.


I’m thinking Urazova could surprise…or if Slava is pulled, Listy.

Just looking at the qualification results. Top 10 are Andrade, Lee, Melnikova, Urazova, Derwael, Tang, Carey, MDJDS, (Jessica) Gadirova, Lu.

I’d say the medalists will probably come from the top 4. MDJDS can definitely improve her score.

Jade at least doesn’t irritate the shit out of me like Raisman did.

Also, I could be happy for Jade; she’s clearly worked her ass off to bring her bars and beam up to elite level. Raisman just threw more and more sloppy difficulty.


I remain bitter about 2015 and will do so until my last breath!


So does Jade show the Carey during the all around?

she will be the last competitor on the FX so that would be cool as she will probably be the last person competing in the AA(maybe the beam person will still need to compete though)

Carey also seems to be the kind who understands she’s a VT/FX gymnast and not an AAer. Aly seemed to operate under the idea she was an AAer when she was really a one-eventer.

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Hope: Melnikova, Andrade, MJDS/Urazova/Lee

Prediction: :woman_shrugging:

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Well, she got the fall on her DTY out of the way in team finals. I don’t think she’ll be able to do it–I don’t think she’s improved her all around program enough from 2019 the way the other top contenders have. But I also didn’t think she’d medal in 2019. She does have a history of showing up for the big events and surprising people.