Video of Biles doing an arabian on beam

I have no idea how she got this to her feet, because there is absolutely ZERO height.

We used to call it “initi-otation” when I was in high school. Initiate the rotation. Some people have it, I did not.


Did you all worship Andrea raducan? She seems like she was very good at this to me

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I almost wonder if she has learned arabian entries more thoroughly as a result of having to explore twisting technique more, mentally

I think this might be from a few years ago?

Yeah I think she was still with Boorman when she was trying the Arabian… I could b wrong

It kind of looks like she just throws herself into the Arabian. I just went to look up Lobaz’s Arabians for comparison (especially when she was known for being so hesitant before the skill) and there’s a marked difference in the set.


I mean, she can do a standing layout. Anyone with that level of talent in their legs can toss themselves backwards and do an arabian.

IMO, unless you’re landing it like Nia Dennis, a solo arabian on its own isn’t really worth doing anymore unless you do it from a BHS. I’ve noticed that we don’t see as many of them anymore as we used to.

How many bhs- Arabians did we see at all? I would have loved for vika to do one, but as it stands? Lobazniuk? That American girl whose name i forget in 2001? Who else?

Vika did BHS LOSO Arabian at one internal Russian meet.

You know, I just saw video of a BHS arabian from a lesser-known gymnast the other day, and I can’t remember for the life of me who it was. There’s a couple out there…

I know, that’s why i couldn’t understand why maybe they wouldn’t try bhs bhs Arabian for example

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Komova also did BHS+arabian (no LOSO) in 2014:

Anna Rodionova:


It was Radionova I saw! Thank you! (Not good that I forgot so quickly!)

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Rachel Tidd… A few other U.S. gymnasts have attempted / competed the back handspring - Arabian series over the years including Alicia Sacramone and Susan Jackson. I think Xiao Tingting (the Chinese gymnast who performed Tkatchev - Gienger, straddled Jaeger, and Comaneci in the same uneven bars routine) also did this combination.