Vicki May sues Towson

I can’t read more than a little of the article. Its behind a paywall…so, no idea what the merits are— that being said I was actually surprised not to hear that she sued (or threatened lawsuit) right after being canned. It’s definitely a move I thought she’d make.

I mean she can claim all that, but it was coincidence that she was pregnant at the time.
There were multiple issues and complaints from gymnasts for many years, including some racial discrimination from gymnasts of color.

She is also saying that the complaints were gender biased because she was a woman. May literally stated that she used “aggressive coaching techniques not typical for a female coach”.
So in other words, her argument is that if she were male, the complaints would not have come through because it would be acceptable coming from a male.

LOL. I mean really…I am surprised that she has pushed for this long. Her complaint is pointless.

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that was my feeling also. I am not surprised at all that she filed suit (she seems like an “it couldn’t be my fault, you don’t appreciate my greatness” type). I am only surprised that she waited this long to file it. She’s been working as a Jill Hicks consultant for last couple years.

She been actively fighting it/pursuing it since 2020 IIRC. One motion was already dismissed in a court.

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